Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Running Adventures Episode 001 - Run, Run Far Beneath the Sun

This is the inaugural episode of my new podcast "Running Adventures." I must warn you that I am not a professional audio technician and so the sound quality is not always great (built in mike seems to overmodulate) but Audacity sure makes mixing easy :-).

In this episode I take you on my first run since returning to the road after time off for my plantar fasciitis. You will also hear parts of a run with my daughter who has some interesting facts to share.

The intro music is a piece called "Super Soul" by 4Saisonz, the ending music is from the song "Adventure of the Deaf Dreamer" by Josh Woodward. The featured song is called "Run" by Mieka Pauley. All are from the Podsafe Music Network.

For more on Susan's marathon read about it on her blog.

My plan is to produce this podcast about once every 2 weeks as time allows. I didn't intend to feature music, but the piece in here fit so well I couldn't resist.

If you don't have a podcatcher you can listen to it on here.

Here goes nothing! :-)


Susan said...

I loved this show! Than you for the shout-out. I do feel honored to be in "the club."

I loved the daughter time. And I got an education, also. I only knew one of those facts!

The audio was A-OK. And I didn't even fast-forward through the songs! (which I usually do on other shows)

GREAT JOB!!!! Congrats on being back on the road!

DPeach said...

It sounded very nice MarathonChris. You just used the built in mic on the iRiver? I would have thought you needed an external mic to pick up that well.

My son and I run together 2 or 3 days a week. Well, not really together. I set a steady pace and have to keep turning around to encourage him to catch up every few blocks. I will try to record some of our antics for my podcast.

MarathonChris said...

I used the built in mic for all but the closing snippet - I tried a cheap mike laying around the house. I think I am going to invest in a mic. But the built in appears to be good in a pinch.

Dave, I would also love to include a bit from your run with your son if you like. I am working the family/running kind of theme.

Nigel Staffordshire said...


Sounds great !

I used the internal mic on the iRiver for a long time.

I only just changed to an external mic, but its more difficult to keep the wind noise down (at least with the iRiver mic you cup your hand around the iRiver to keep it a little quieter).

Great job and can't wait for the next one.

Another podcast to vote for over at Podcast Alley :)


ShirleyPerly said...

Good job on the podcast, Chris!

Those were some interesting facts your daughter mentioned. I'm so glad you two are enjoying running together. Look forward to hearing the next one!