Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hot Running and In Training - and Podcast Episode 2

So I am training for the 2016 Goofy Race and a Half Challenge.  Why in the world would I do that after completing it 3 times (once while doing the Inaugural Dopey Challenge)?  Marathon training is time consuming - and the body can take quite a beating in the process.  This 52 year old body is not as forgiving as the 40 year old who started doing 5Ks.

But there is an awesome adventure in the making!  My younger sister is turning 50 this year.  Her bucket list item - run a marathon.  And where better than in the most magical place on earth - Disney World?  What a great privilege to pace my sister through her first marathon!

But it gets better.  My sister's 3 daughters are also going to run the marathon with us!  One of them ran the OUC Half Marathon with me last December - her first half.  This will be their first marathon as well.  AND.....another sister is joining us for her first marathon (she and I ran the Chip and Dale relay in 2012).  AND.... my other sister is going to run the half (which is why I am running Goofy - I want to run with everyone!).

So, how can I pass that up!  Running with my 3 sisters and my 3 nieces on Disney Marathon weekend!  Too awesome  :-D

But of course there is the TRAINING that gets us from running 10 or 12 miles to running a full marathon.  Not always the fun part but it is the most important.

Today was a 13.5 miler.  I started my run at 6:30 am - too late for the current heat, which made the last couple miles pretty tough.  I was also testing out a new blue tooth headset I picked up - the Samsung Gear Circle.  I am trying to get rid of some wiring and hook up to a large phone (I have a Note 2) which I stow in a pocket on my belt.  It worked okay...I think the phone was the problem - not the headset.  The jury is out on how much I like it - I am going to take it on my business trip next week to see how well it travels.

Including another Running Adventures Episode with this post.  The show notes for the original release is at  
Time to move on into my day.  Blog at you later!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to blogging....

I seriously wondered if I could even log into this blog anymore.  Would Google have deleted it for lack of use?  Fortunately for me, they did not.

Still running, now 9 years after starting this blog.  And running is definitely still an adventure.  So much has happened.  The time of my journey became joyfully clear to me after finding an old iPod Nano (2nd generation), charging it up, and finding the full suite of my Running Adventures podcast.  Since my newer iPod is MIA, I decided to take this one on my 10 mile long run last weekend.  I fired up the podcast, curious to hear what I had put together 8 years ago.  Almost immediately I was whisked back in time.  My happy tears must have looked strange while I was run-walking my way through the neighborhood.

I only produced the podcast for one year, and only 15 episodes with one "mini" adventure.  These were made between 2007 and 2008.  My daughters were ages 7 and 13 and were always featured in some small way in every podcast (actually the older daughter delivered the critical "Three facts."  The special treat for me was having an audio record of so many amazing things I did with my girls when they were small.  Amazing only in that they were everyday things - but part of my life adventure.   My "fact" reporting oldest daughter is now a junior in college and no longer runs with me while my younger daughter is going into 10 grade and seems to have inherited my ability to be too busy.

I am going to begin reposting the podcasts here, since my account that stored them online has long since expired.  Podcasts have come a LONG way since 2008 - my production quality was pretty poor at times, but I still am happy with what I wanted to capture during each one - to take the listener on a running and life adventure.

So, thanks to Soundhound, here is Episode 1 of Running Adventures!  The link to the original show notes is  I hope you are all out there having your own amazing adventures!