Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode 6 - Traveling in the Moment

We flew from Burlington, VT to JFK on a Dash-8 aircraft.

This edition of Running Adventures begins by taking you along with me and my daughters as we travel to Vermont for my Dad's 70th birthday party. I didn't do any audio during the trip except on the planes and at the airport. Every time I have heard the music for this segment ("Travel Song" by Causeway) I think about all the travel Adam Tinkoff does with his job!

After the trip you get to hear some running with my daughter and I. She presents a quiz this week to challenge your animal knowledge. Meanwhile, on my long run, you get to hear me get all philosophical. Let's just say I was learning to be "in the moment." I mention Adam's great podcast The Zen Runner - we all should take a Zen run every now and then.

I also have my first audio comment from Planet3rry of the podcast Gravity@1053!

I apologize once more for the sound quality. I think I have figured out what causes the annoying clicking noise on some of my runs (it's the iRiver armband). I am going to figure out how to wire myself up with the microphone.

Featured music this week from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network includes:
"Travel Song" by Causeway
"Here Comes the Rover" by Jim Fidler

The opening music is "Super soul" by 4saisonz and the closing theme is "Adventures of the Deaf Dreamer" by Josh Woodward.

Have a great adventure in the coming week!

Blog names

Ok, here are some candidates from Maddy:

"What's a Few Miles Amongst Friends?"
"Miles and Miles and Miles"

and one she made me think of

"Lots of Friends and Lots of Miles"

Let me know what your ideas are, or vote for one of these!

I will create the account tomorrow or Saturday. I will make an entirely new Google account so we can all access. Then I will email the info for our participants!! :-)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fast Finish part 2

I had a thought while running this morning...okay, once my brain wakes up I have lots of thoughts while running, but this one could actually lead to something :-)

We could use Buckeyeoutdoors to log our total miles. We create a new account and everyone who is contributing logs their miles. We could use the different workout icons for each person. That way folks can log their miles as they go and no one has to gather and report. What do you think? It looks like you could have a team log there as well, but I don't know how that works (maybe Terry knows). If we get this up and running soon we can start with June and see how many miles we can log together before our marathons this fall.

Training report:

Yesterday after my Fast Finish run (thanks Shirley for putting a name to my unusual run pace) and after a full day at work, I did 10 min on the elliptical and strength training.

This morning I did nearly the same run as yesterday except that at about 3.6 miles I stopped to talk to another runner who I see most mornings. So it is not an equal comparison to yesterday, and probably is why I had more juice at the end of the run. However, the splits went the same way:

Mile 1: 11:28
Mile 2: 11:08
Mile 3: 11:01
Mile 4: 10:23
Mile 5: 9:52

Total - 5.06 miles in 54:20 min
AHR - 156 bpm MHR - 174 bpm

Today is my "2 a day" day so I will do an easy 3 later this evening!

Let me know what you think of the Buckeyeoutdoors idea for logging miles!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Early morning run!

After another day of reckless carousing I rolled out bright and early to begin another week of training. A very interesting result.

I ran 5.04 miles in 54:40 min. That was not what was interesting - it was my splits:

Mile 1 - 12:01 min
Mile 2 - 11:07 min
Mile 3 - 10:38 min
Mile 4 - 10:23 min
Mile 5 - 10:10 min

'nuff said!

Episode 6 of Running Adventures should be out soon.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirate's Day and a Great Long Run

10 miles in 2:02:18 - average pace of 12:13 min/mile, avg heart rate of 159 bpm (aerobic). A great ending to a great training week. I managed to rack up 28 miles total!

I strayed from my diet a bit this weekend. After not getting some news I have been waiting for at work late on Friday - I felt tired and just wanted a big juicy steak. So I went to the store, picked up a couple of nice looking ribeyes and New York strips along with some baking potatoes and brought them home. That with a nice glass of some riesling I was all set. The up side of not hearing the news was that I could just relax and enjoy the 3 day weekend!

Saturday was a day off from training. It was my husband's birthday so we did a "Pirate Day." We watched Pirates 1 on Fri night, Pirates 2 on Sat morning, and went to see Pirates 3 at the theater. We also wore our Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirts which we had picked up in the Magic Kingdom near the Pirates ride. It was a fun day!! A bit more straying from the diet by eating cake....ah well.

This morning I slept in a bit - and didn't get on the road for my long run until around 8:30 am. The sun was already pretty high in the sky and there were few clouds to be seen. The temperature was in the low 70s already with a forecast high of 86 deg F. So, I put on plenty of sunscreen and brought plenty of drink for the run. I have not replenished my supply of Cliff Shots so I ate a soy pudding before the run and brought primarily Gatorade to replenish along the way. I brought 21 oz of Gatorade along with 6-7 oz of water on my fuel belt.

I felt pretty good through the run and maintained about a 12 min/mile pace which was good. About the time I was nearing 8 miles I could begin to feel my legs wearing out a bit - not surprising since that was the longest run I had done to date this year. I pushed through the last couple of miles in the sun and had enough fluids to get me home.

This coming week my focus will be on sticking to the training plan, eating healthy and getting good sleep. Per Terry's advice, I am hoping that in a week or so my body will adjust to the new training schedule. The heel seems to be doing ok - I don't feel the need to ice it but I am using ibuprofen when it aches a bit to control swelling. I have had to retire one pair of my running shoes that has about 400 miles and over a year on them. I have a second pair that is nearly a year old with just over 300 miles and a third pair that is newer with just over 300 miles. I am going to try a new type of shoe to see if it works better with the heel. My current shoe is Brooks Addiction.

I am so excited to be training with so many fine runners through the summer and into the fall. I like the idea suggested by Maddy (I think) that we find a way to track all or our mileage. We could all just report our total weekly miles once each week and someone could put it on a spreadsheet to total it up. I am not savy enough to post spreadsheets on my blog. Could we start a new blog that we can all log into to post our results? I am open to ideas!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Staying on Track

The good week of workouts continue:

Wednesday was my first go at running twice in one day. I ran a 4 mile tempo run in the morning to be followed by a 3 mile easy run in the evening. This is to provide a way to build my mid week miles up a bit.

The 4 mile tempo run went well, 4.01 miles in 43:28. I felt tired but it was still a good run. I felt kind of tired all day, chalking it up to lack of sleep (can't go to bed at midnight and get up to run at 6:30am each day!). To get motivated for the evening run, I offered to jog slowly with my husband while he hiked quickly with his 50 lb backpack (he is training to hike the Appalachian Trail next month). Instead of doing 3 miles, we did 4 miles at a 14:40 min/mi pace. To make it more challenging I ran in the grass next to the sidewalk rather than on the sidewalk. For folks who know Florida grass, this was the very thick, spongy St. Augustine grass. It gave my ankles a good workout and the give allowed me to take smaller strides and keep pace with my husband. Overall, a good day.

Thursday was a cross training day and strength day. When I got to the small gym in our building the elliptical was in use so I used the stationary bike for 15 min to warm up, did 3 sets around on the weights, then ended with 15 min on the elliptical machine.

This morning I did a 5 mile run. My Garmin was acting a bit funny - I think it was off this morning. But it recorded a 5.18 mile distance at 55:59 min - a 10:48 pace - and an average heart rate of 159. I felt bit on the tired side this morning but was able to keep pace thanks once again to my trusty podrunner 174 bpm mix.

Looking back at the week, it was a great training week. I am on my plan, but I am feeling a bit tired. I think I need to do better in the sleep department - but I believe I am adjusting to the more rigorous training routine. It seems to be paying off. My pace for the shorter distances is consistently under 11 min / mile and my heart rate is staying in the aerobic zone longer.

Now to rest up and see how 10 miles goes this weekend!

Run strong everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Week 23 - MCM Training - Great Start!!!

From the website

This has been a great week for MCM training. I had a super 8 mile long run on Sunday morning. I tried to pick up my pace to my target marathon pace (11:15 - 11:30 mi/mile) at miles 5-7, but I only succeeded in running a little bit faster than my slow 12 min mile pace. Still I am pleased. I only took 1 min walking breaks at each mile and I ran a negative split - running the first half in 47:54 and the second half in 46:40 for a total time of 1:34:58. My total avg heart rate time was in the aerobic zone at 160 bpm with the first 4 miles under 160 bpm and the last 4 averaging under 170 bpm. I kept thinking later in the day that I needed to run some more!

Monday was my rest day. Today I got up and ran a "blazing" 5 miler, running 5.09 miles in 54:07 min, a 10:38 min/mile pace! My heart rate averaged 163 bpm - just above my aerobic zone (which ends at 162). I kept a good steady pace throughout and fired up a 174 bpm podrunner mix for the last 2 miles. Before the run I ate some applesauce because I ran out of Cliff Shots. Maybe I am on to something!

I ended my work day with 10 min on the elliptical machine followed by 2 sets through my strength training routine.

I am an exercise machine!! :-)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Comment Link on Podcast Post

I wonder where the comment link is on that posting....ah well. Post your comments here :-)

Episode 5 - Go Red for Women 5K / Seaworld Weekend

This edition of Running Adventures takes you along with my daughter and I as we run the Go Red for Women 5K race. You will also hear some sounds from Seaworld where I went with my younger daughter the next day.

I apologize for the sound quality (hey, after all I am an amateur!). Race starts and finishes tend to be noisy places.

Featured music this week from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network includes:
"Ridin West" by Jon Schmidt
"Joy" by Michael Mucklow
"I Still Remember" by Jim Fidler

The opening music is "Super soul" by 4saisonz and the closing theme is "Adventures of the Deaf Dreamer" by Josh Woodward.

Other mentions this week:

Steve Runner and Phedippedations (short clip from his podcast)

Have a great adventure in the coming week!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Alive and well....

It has been nearly a week since I have posted. I just wanted to make a quick post before heading off to bed. The good news is that I expect to have Episode 5 of the podcast up and available before the weekend gets here! :-)

The trip to Vermont went really well. The weather was great, and I enjoyed driving through the Green Mountains (since we don't have any here). My dad was quite surprised that we all made it up there for the weekend. It always amazes me now much everyone's kids grow in just 2-3 years. I may get out a quick, short, podcast on the trip. I didn't record lots of things, just the travel part, but it would be fun to share.

I didn't get a long run in again this weekend - by the time we got home it was nearly 7 pm and I was too beat to run. As it was, I passed out around 8:30 pm for the night! But I got up Mon am and got a 5 miler in (a great run). On Tuesday I ran 1.6 miles with my daughter, and today got another 5 miler in. I have been feeling good for the runs, but a bit run down during the day. Lots of factors may be involved, although I have changed my diet this week, swearing off sugar, processed foods and most starches. I think I am still adjusting.

So that is it for the quick update. Run strong everyone!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Headed North and a Running Update

Tomorrow is my dad's 70th birthday, so to celebrate the occasion, my siblings (there are 6 of us total) along with our respective families, are descending upon my father's town for a little get together. His hometown: Swanton, Vermont. This town is the last exit off the interstate before entering Canada!

I am traveling with my two daughters while my husband holds down the fort. This will be a fun, short trip (leaving Fri returning Sun), and I plan to take the iRiver along so who knows, you may hear more about this little adventure before long! :-)

Running this week has been great. I didn't get a long run in on Sunday since my younger daughter and I spent the entire day walking around Seaworld and I didn't want to push it with my heel. Monday I ran 4.14 miles in 45:54 min - about an 11:05 min/mi pace, fighting 15-20 mph headwinds on the way back. Tuesday I did a short run with my daughter around the block a few times for 1.4 miles. I also did weight training and about 15 min on the elliptical! Wed I ran 5.2 miles in 57:30 min, an 11:03 pace. It was pretty smoky due to the area fires. For that reason I skipped running this morning (Thurs)and opted to run a bit with my daughter later in the day during my younger daughter's soccer practice. The smoke seems to clear later in the day. I felt so good that when I got home I ran a fast 3.14 miler in 33:07, a 10:32 min/mi pace! My heel is aching a bit today for that fast run, but I am taking a couple days off so it should recover well.

I am going to try to get my long run in on Sunday but it will depend on when we get back from Vermont and how I am feeling.

So have a great weekend everyone! I will be back online on Sunday evening :-)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Running Adventures Episode 4 - Gone Fishing!

This edition of Running Adventures takes you fishing, driving and, or course, running. We got a chance to go fishing with our friend Joe an a nearby neighbor's fishing pond. You will also hear a drive cast where my daughter and I talk about meeting Dean Karnazes. She also presents some interesting bird facts. Finally, you will hear parts of two of my long runs. The first segment from my tough run on 4/22 and the second from the end of my run on 4/29.

Featured music this week from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network includes:
"Meant to Be" by Robert Costlow
"Waterfall" by Jon Schmidt
"Merrigan's (Reel)" by Jim Fidler

The opening music is "Super soul" by 4saisonz and the closing theme is "Adventures of the Deaf Dreamer" by Josh Woodward.

Other mentions this week:

Nigel from Running From the Reaper
Adam from The Zen Runner

Have a great adventure in the coming week!

The Go Red for Women 5K

It was a beautiful, cool morning. The temperature was in the 60s and the humidity was not so bad. As we drove across town to Downtown Disney for the race, the sun began to light up the sky. By the time we parked the car, it was light outside and the loud speakers were already blaring announcements about the 1 mile and 5K races that were soon to begin.

We wore our matching shirts that we picked up with our race packets at the expo the night before. Personally I don't like the tight shirts, but I underestimated the size shirt I would need. Some mediums seem large, others small....but I was going to wear the team shirt. In addition to our race numbers, we received a special bib that showed we were a mother-daughter team - also including our names. We wore those on our backs.

Minnie Mouse was on hand to start the race (since it is part of the Minnie Marathon Weekend). At 7:15 am, the 1 mile walk and fun run began. Then at 7:30 am, the 5K started. Although it was not a huge field of runners, the course was not very wide, and in some places only the width of a large sidewalk. There was little room for walkers and runners - and those of us who were both walking and running had to adjust for the traffic - but overall it was a really cool run.

We made our way through the West Side of Downtown Disney - the race entered from the parking lot right near Cirque de Soleil and the House of Blues. We ran through the shopping area, and then through Disney's Pleasure Island - an area with a variety of dance clubs and other night spots. Coming out the other side of Pleasure Island, we then ran through the Marketplace. There are many shops there including a huge Lego outlet which included a sea monster and T-rex made out of legos. As we ran around the small lake that was at the Downtown Disney area, we ran through part of the French Quarter (a hotel/resort area) along the water, then ran through part of the golf course before coming back to the parking lot outside of Cirque de Soleil once again.

My daughter and I did well - and though toward the end we were taking running breaks between walking, my daughter finished her third ever 5K!!! At first I was a bit frustrated that she wanted to walk so much, that is, before I realized during the last mile of the race that it was amazing that she was even doing a 5K. I didn't run my first 5K until I was 40 years old. So I stopped being such a fuddy dud and enjoyed the last mile of our race together.

As we crossed the finish line, hand in hand with our arms in the air I was so excited and proud to be running with my daughter. Our clock time was 43:23, net time of 42:59. I grabbed her medal and insisted on placing her finishers medal around her neck. I was so proud. We hugged as we waited in line for a finishers picture together. It wasn't until a good 5 minutes after that when I realized I never shut my Garmin off. I guess I was really enjoying the moment!

After a banana and bagel, we headed home - happy and tired after another race, listening to Phedippedations and getting inspired for the next one!

Later I learned that our mother-daughter team placed 29th out of 62 teams! Go team!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Best of Luck to All Racing this Weekend!!

Wow, it looks like just about everyone is running some race this weekend. Maddy is doing the Minnie Marathon 15K on Sunday, Shirley is running the Colorado Marathon, Susan is running the Toad Suck 10K on Saturday, Cory is running the Half Marathon in Colorado, and Kyle is running the Santa Monica 10K.

This weekend my daughter and I are running our target race, the Go For Red 5K at Disney on Saturday. We will be running as a team!

Have great races this weekend folks!!! Run strong!