Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 Corporate 5K

The finish line around the time I finished - crowded the entire race!

As busy as life has been for me lately (Lately?? Always...but especially lately), I have a couple of running commitments in addition to the races I run. The first is something I have done for the past 6 years - I am captain of my corporate 5K team. In 2003 we started with a humble 8 runners. This year we had a very respectable team of 66 people.

As team captain - I work with a small committee of volunteers to order the tent, order and bring the food and drink, order and distribute team shirts as well as the race provided shirts and numbers. We also set up and tear down before and after the race. I collect the fastest runner scores and turn them in to the race organizers to see how we did against the other companies.

This year's event attracted over 11,000 runners. As you can imagine, the course was crowded for the entire 3.1 miles. Most of a runner's energy is spent dodging around other runners.

I had not been training well lately, so I didn't expect a PR - but I tried to get to 30 min anyway. My first clue that it wasn't going to be my race was my HR monitor reading over 90 bpm while waiting for the start. I pushed and finished in 31:25 with a max HR of 190 bpm. It was fun and my team placed 2nd in our division.

My daughter also ran and completed her 5K in under 40 minutes!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Beach With a View

I have been kicking back with the kids during this spring break week. I played hooky from work and went to a movie (Monsters vs Aliens in 3D) and bowling on Wednesday, a park and then another movie (Disney's Earth) on Thursday, and Cocoa Beach today. No running since Monday....running has been like that - catch as catch can. I hope to get a few miles in this weekend.

School is still a bit busy. I am behind on my final report. Just 2 more weeks of class. Although I love being in school again, I can use a break from the late night project sessions.

Happy Easter everyone!