Friday, March 09, 2007

Into the Woods

Our campsite at Paynes Praire Preserve in January 2006

This weekend we are headed into the woods! Not like the play (If you have ever seen that one - if not, it is rather good) but for camping. Talk about adventure!

Actually, we are seasoned campers - and have camped at this location before (as you can see from the picture). We are going back to Paynes Prairie for 4 nights of hiking, biking, running, campfires, s'mores and hanging out. This is going to be fun! We don't rough it so much - we have a pop-up that is very comfortable. It has heat as well as air conditioning. What we lack is a bathroom - so sometimes it involves late night or early morning walks to the restroom facility located a few hundred feet away. The restrooms here nice with hot showers (and the occasional bug that flies in).

Of course, one of the rules of camping is NO COMPUTERS, TVs and similar electronics. We are out in the woods, afterall, to get away from such things. I will bring along my Garmin - just so I know how far I am running when I go. There are some nice trails there so I am looking forward to a run through the woods without the noisy cars in the background. I will also bring the iRiver as well and record some material for the podcast.

I wanted to mention that another running friend of mine, Shirley, who also ran the Little Rock Marathon. Read about her race on her blog. She had a problem partway through the race with a little rock....but finished up the race anyway. Way to go Shirley! 29 states down, just 21 to go :-) (she has the goal to run a marathon in all 50 states, I think before she turns 50). Only three more marathons to go this year (along with 2 half ironmen, 1 olympic tri and a 100 miler bike race). No slacking here :-)!

I want to thank Susan and David for their comments on the podcast! All feedback is welcome. You can post with the show note blog entry or email me at Thanks especially for the encouragement to actually do the podcast from a whole bunch of folks!

I also want to say hello to Kevin and he continues his quest to be on blogs and podcasts around the world! :-) Thanks for YOUR encouragement. Hang in there as you train, become a new daddy AND see a daughter married this year. Talk about a life marathon!

So I will be off line until next Wed evening. See you all next week, and in the meanwhile, run well everyone!


Kevin said...

LOL.. you are such a sweetie. Have a great time camping and be safe.

Susan said...

Enjoy your time "roughing it." Ha! I know you'll have good adventures to speak of when you return. Can't wait to hear!