Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Respect the Alligators

Just a short post to say I am back and feeling great!! I will be posting more on my runs, hikes and walks while camping, to include an incredible 4 mile run this morning where I saw 7 deer among other things. I recorded some interesting material for the podcast as well!!

Everyone seems well....Congrats to Irish Blue on her race!!! You are going to be so ready for that Half Marathon. Also, to Susan for bouncing back so quickly from her marathon and already out there training for the next race!!

I miss the woods already, but it is good to be home!


Susan said...

Glad you're back - safe and sound. I can't wait to hear the audio!

Maddy said...

Welcome Back!

IrishBlue said...

Seven deer? That sounds awesome. I can't wait to be running outside again full time. I got a few runs in, then the weather got bad again here in Ohio.

Thanks for the shout out on my race. I hope you are right about the half.

Take care!