Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Secret of the Universe (updated 1/2/2009)

I was cleaning up my computer desk and came across something I had set aside. My 9 year old daughter had discovered the Secret of the Universe! (Update: apparently my 13 year old daughter had the original idea - shared it with the 9 year old, who wrote it down).

According to my daughter(s)...

The secret of the universe is life
because without life no one would not want to look
for the secret
because we don't exist
because if life doesn't exist the universe and its secret would be nothing
so there would be no secret to the universe
because if life does not exist
then nothing would know about the universe
because life doesn't exist
so we don't exist so
without life the secret would be nothing
because nothing would exist to see anything
it would be nothing and nothing would exist
the universe wouldn't exist so
there would be no secret to discover
so life is the secret of the universe.

There you have it! Enjoy LIFE!

Monday, December 22, 2008

30 Miles in One Weekend - Tapering to Goofy!

How do you train to run a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday? You run Sat and Sun training runs - Saturday half the distance of Sunday. So when it was time to run our last 20 miler for the Disney Marathon, we had to do it after running 10 miles on Saturday.

I did this 10/20 combo in early October - when I was at the top of my running game. Time wise the October run went better than this weekend's run. But somehow, this weekend's run seemed like more of an accomplishment.

This weekend, I was fighting back an illness that hasn't completely let go since San Antonio, and perhaps some recovery from that same race - which was just 1 month ago. But my husband and I got out there and did it!

The 10 mile run on Saturday felt really good - a 12:15 min/mi pace with an AHR of 149 bpm.

The 20 miler was a surprise to me. I didn't feel too great the morning of the 20 miler - my head was aching so I actually went back to bed before getting up at 2:30 pm to start the run. The temperature was about 78 deg F and the sun was out. Fortunately, the air was not humid and there was a nice breeze. My husband and I suited up and off we went. I tried a new strategy for energy. My chiropractor had given me a supplement called CoQ-Quinol. It is supposed to supply some energy. I had previously taken about 2 tsp with water before a run, but this time I mixed some in some of my water bottles and took it during the run. I never once felt that "run down I want to lay down and sleep" feeling. Although my legs were beginning to ache beginning around 14 miles onward, I still felt strong in my run - focusing on relaxing my body, running even and keeping my posture correct.

We finished 20.2 miles in 4:19 hrs - 12:53 min/mi with AHR of 152 bpm.

After the run I had a date with the bathtub and 20 lbs of ice. Then out for dinner.

It was a good day to run!!!!

And now, we are tapering to Goofy!!

Anyone who is running Disney and wants to meet up with some blogging / twittering running folks, go to http://runningmates.blogspot.com and post a reply to the Disney post. We would love to meet you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Disney Half / Full Marathon Medal Preview

In the most recent Disney Marathon newsletter, a picture of the pins (which represent replicas of the medals) was provided. There was much fanfare about new medals this year. The program guide for the race does show the Mickey Medal, but this is the only place I found the new Donald Medal for the half...and the Goofy Medal.

I am looking forward to the bling! I am starting to get excited :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We finally got our tree up!

It is interesting how the process has evolved over the years.

Step 1: I set up the tree and put on the lights. Last year we got a new tree with lights on it! But I still add more lights.

Step 2: The kids decorate - adding all garland, ornaments and anything else they can get into the tree

Step 3: Dad puts the light on top. We are using the same lighted start we have had since our first Christmas tree together 18 years ago.

Happy Holidays! :-)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's all Good!

This picture was taken while my hubby and I were out for our 18th anniversary last month. We are preparing for when our teenagers start to feel like they are unfairly treated! :-)

Well the running continues to go well. Tonight hubby and I ran a tempo run together - 5.15 miles in 56:40 - an 11 min/mi pace. And that with a 1 min walking break every 5 minutes. It was a push to keep that pace up - but it was a great workout! I am beginning to really feel like my ol' running self again! :-)

Our plan leading up to Disney - this coming weekend run 8 miles Sat and 16 miles on Sunday. Next weekend we run 10 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday. Then the taper begins! I must confess, I am ready to be done with marathon training. I have been training non-stop since mid-July. It will be nice to have more of my Sunday's back again (vs doing 15+ mile runs). I have some running goals in mind for 2008 which I will be posting soon!

And it appears I am just 28 miles away from breaking 1000 miles in 2008. That should happen over the weekend!

Life is good!

Monday, December 01, 2008

A Good Run!

Had a really great run tonight...so good to feel normal again! Ran 5.12 easy miles with my husband running 5 minutes and walking 1 minute (avg 12:03 min/mi pace). AHR was around 150 bpm.

I am happy!!