Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To Blog or Not to Blog...

 It has been a long time (nearly 2 years) since I have blogged - although my Facebook posts have become more of my Running Adventure reporting mechanism.  Still, I miss being able to put together a story for a post.  With my Ph.D. behind me, I have a little more time (or so I would like to think) and have pondered blogging again.  This way, I can update my running activities without spamming all my FB friends who are not interested in that part of my life.  I imagine all the Daily Mile posts can be boring if you are not a runner.

So I think I will be blogging again, although no promises.  I have no idea how regular I will be with this activity.  I almost wanted to rename the blog to be something line "In the moment..." because I find it has been refreshing to ponder those moments when I feel like I am "in the moment" - you know - those times when you feel you are connected and in the flow with the rest of the universe.  I feel like I have been spending a bit more time there lately, and I like it.

On the running front - I am back after a hiatus in completing my Ph.D. and I am enjoying the ride!  With my Dopey Challenge behind me, I am working toward settling into a regular routine and distances more in the range of half marathons for now.  I will post more on my Dopey report later.  I seem to be internet challenged tonight.

Now, time for more Running Adventures!