Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Enforced Break

I can't help myself. I get excited about doing something and I just spend a bunch of time on that. Lately that "something" has been the podcast. I am 85% complete on the next episode and was going to wrap it up last night but my computer had other ideas. As I turned on the computer and was about to download my latest run from my Garmin, the computer just shut off. It just powered down. I checked everything...and finally concluded that it was probably the power supply and it needs to go to the repair shop (sigh!).

So instead of working on my podcast, I was in bed by 10:30 pm - something I have needed to do for about a week now. Leave it to life to force you into doing something you should be doing anyway!!!

Run report: I ran nearly 2.5 miles with my daughter on Monday and another 2.4 miles yesterday. Our runs have been really nice, some of which I am sure you will hear about on future editions of the podcast. She is really coming along. We are considering having her run the 2 mile race on Saturday. My struggle is do I run it with her, then do the 10K or let her go it alone? The 10K start time is 30 min after the 2 miler, so it will be over. But I am not sure I am ready for 8 miles yet.

After yesterday's 2.4 miler with my daughter, I felt really good so I went back out for another 3.1 and used my iPod with Podrunner running at 180 bpm - the highest rate I have every run (175 has been my limit to date). I held the pace up for most of the run and had to struggle a bit at the end, redlining the Garmin heart monitor above 180 in the last tenth of a mile. When I can finally download the Garmin data I can figure out my overall pace for the run - but I think it had to be near 10 min miles. I need to get my 5K down to 9:40 per mile to break 30 min (something I intend to finally do this year!).

Foot report: PT on Monday went well. My next session is Friday. I finish up next week. I still wake up with some ache in the morning but it is not nearly what it used to be. It doesn't hurt at all when I run - and after yesterday's workout felt pretty good.

So I apologize for the podcast delay, but I must warn you, I could not keep it to 15 min - it will be more like 25 min long this time. Too much good material from the camping trip!

It looks like Maddy and I will be hooking up on Saturday at the Winter Park Road Race. I am looking forward to meeting her. It is always good to meet in person the friends I have met online.

Run strong everyone!


Susan said...

You are amazing. I can not wait to hear the podcast. The longer the better!

I envy you for getting to meet up with Maddy!

Maddy said...

I am excited to hear the podcast too. I admit, I was a late adopter, but I really enjoyed it. I listened to it yesterday first thing at the office. It was a great start to the workday and made those early morning tasks fly by.

Saturday morning will be good times! I'm looking forward to it!

petra duguid said...

The first podcast was great and it's wonderful that your daughter is doing this with you - and I love her 3 facts - you've got to keep that in there! We're ready and waiting for the next installment, but take your time. Life gets in the way, and I should know..

Kevin said...

Chris and Maddy together??

Rut-Roh!!! :-)

You two have a great time anf lets hear all about it!

PLANET3RRY said...

don't worry about the delay on the podast, that's the cool thing about it... there is noone forcing a deadline on you! I can't wait for the next episode!