Saturday, May 23, 2009

Running Adventures Episode 17 - Catching Up

Picture at University of Texas at Austin on a recent business trip

I wasn't exactly planning on it, but on a whim I decided to produce a podcast episode. So almost a year after Episode 16 I now bring you Episode 17 of Running Adventures. During this episode, I take you on a run in March 09 where I talk about where I have been and what my running plans are for 2009. I have a small snippet from a car pool discussion with my younger daughter.

I am hoping to publish an episode or contribute to the Extra Mile podcast with a full run with my older daughter - complete with facts!

Music this week is from the Podsafe Music Network at and includes:

"Headlights" by Honeychuck

I missed running with you all....enjoy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Jim Payne Blue Ribbon Run for the Kids 5K

Today was an event that was two years in the making - a 5K race to benefit Kids House of Seminole. Kids House is a local organization that provides services of all kinds for kids who are in abusive situations. It is sad that such an organization is needed - but the need is great - and Kids House provides a kid-friendly environment for counseling, medical exams and even county police services - all in one location. I have the privilege of serving on the board for this incredible organization.

We started talking about a 5K run back in 2007 - for a possible 2008 race. But we were unable to get things organized for a number of different reasons. Then in 2008, things came together and we were able to partner with Trackshack - the premier running store and organizer of most of the Orlando area running events, including the Walt Disney World Marathon. They were interested in having a race in downtown Sanford, FL.

We wanted this to be a different kind of race - so instead of an early morning event, we opted for an evening event down near the waterfront of Lake Monroe. A good portion of the race route would be along the waterfront area - recently rebuilt after devastating floods a few years ago.

At the finish line - pretzels and beer!

This was a great event! I ran it with my husband and daughter. My daughter and I just took it easy, running and walking - running in the last 0.1 miles hand in hand! My younger daughter ran the kids race and was the third girl to finish her race!

My husband: 32:31 (after running about the first .75 miles with my daughter and I)
My daughter and I: 39:48

Before and after the race I saw Maddy's friend and fellow Goofy runner Cheryl and also Kitzzy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Go 'Round at the University of Texas at Austin

Went for a morning run around campus again today. It was a much cooler 75 degrees and a bit on the breezy side - nice for a morning run.

I did the same route as Monday except this time I ran counter-clockwise.

I think it was more uphill this time....

Still, my speed has picked up. I ran the 3.08 miles in 32:12, at a 10:28 min/mi average pace (hills must be good for me). I even ran the first mile in 9:44 min.

I am toying with the idea of doing an easy 2-3 miler tomorrow morning if I don't stay up too late working tonight (sigh!).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adventures in Austin - Take 2

This week's running adventure takes me to the University of Texas in Austin where I am attending a technical workshop. I have been to Austin once before - I was here to attend the Super Computing 2008 conference right after running Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon last November. I didn't really get to enjoy Austin last time because I was so sick that week!

This time I was going to do Austin right! I arrived on Monday afternoon started the week off with a run late in the afternoon around 5:30 pm. The temperature was about 92 deg F and the humidity about 50%. It felt pretty much like it has been feeling at home - HOT! I did an easy loop around campus that the running map said was 3.1 miles. However, Garmin said it was under 3 miles so I added another small street loop to make it 3 miles even. Even though I took it easy, my heart rate got pretty high with the heat (maxed at 182 bpm) but it was a good run at an average pace of about 11:21 min/mi.

Oh, and did I mention it is HILLY here? Probably not as hilly as some of the places you all run, but way hillier than what I am used to (FL is basically flat, flat, flat). The hills didn't bother me - I embraced the hills and ran them nice and easy!

To beat the heat (and to work with my schedule) I will be running tomorrow in the morning. I am going to do the same route, but maybe in the opposite direction just for a change of pace. I will take the cell phone along and try to catch some video to include on the blog after I get home.

The Kids House 5K race is coming up on Saturday! I am actually part of the planning team for this inaugural event - so I will have a much longer report about the race and how it goes.

I hope your running is going well! Don't forget to enjoy your own running adventures! :-)