Friday, June 15, 2007


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I should preface this by saying that for many of my fellow runners, 10 min miles might be considered slow. For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that for me, 10 min miles are fast. It is all relative - and relative to my normal running, today I was speedy!

I felt pretty tired getting up this morning - and I was about 1 hour behind my usual time (it was almost 7 am) but today I was going to do a "quick" 4 mile run before taking the kids to Seaworld.

I took a Clif Shot before I started, queued up some good music on the iPod and set off. I felt a little winded but I usually do during the 1st mile. As the mile 1 alarm went off my time was 10:03. Hmmmm, 1st miles are supposed to be my warm up mile - how did I finish that one so quick? After a 30 second walking break I continued at a good clip to mile 2 - now the Garmin read 20:11. Still pretty quick - let's see how we do with a little Podrunner mix on. So at mile 2 I put a 176 mix on and continued to press. My heart rate was starting to get up there - and partway through 3 miles I was 172 bpm. But I kept pressing. I thought about folks like my mom - who would give just about anything to run like I could. She suffers from heart disease and emphysema - so I ran the next segment hard for her. As I turned the corner for the last .3 miles of my run, I was at 37 min and change. Maybe I could do this in under 41 min. I wanted to stop and walk but I pressed.

As I sped up for the "finish" my Garmin started tweeting at me. My heart rate had exceeded 180....setting off the alarm.

At 4 miles I ended my run - at 40:24 min. This is a new unofficial PR for this distance for me. The fastest 4 miles I have run to date was 42 min - on a treadmill.

My heart rate maxed out at 182 - so I guess those calculators were wrong after all.


Petraruns said...

Girl you really are speedy! That's amazing. What do you think? Is the cross training working out for you or the speedwork? What an accomplishment. Keep it up..

Susan said...

HOLY MOLY!!!!! Wow - you burned rubber!

MarathonChris said...

The bit difference in training this year has been the strength / cross training. I don't do true speedwork or hill training because I am afraid it might be too much on my PF. Even the tempo runs can cause it to ache - so I have to watch it.

The tempo runs seem to be helping though - while I work on increasing my turnover rate.

I may try some speed work next month to see how the foot handles it. I just need to find a good track to work on. The University and HS tracks are sometimes locked up. The middle school track is too small - probably about .1 mile.

Cory said...

That is great!! Sounds like the training is really paying off.

Maddy said...

You are rockin' the house speedy!

Great work. And your heart? Sooooo in shape!