Friday, June 01, 2007

Running Friends Blogsite is Up!!

I know that we still don't have a final name, but I figured I would create it and we can change it later. The blogspot address is:

But the title of the blog can be anything. I made it "What's a Few Miles Among Friends?" for now.

I sent email invites to folks who I know email addresses for. The invites allow us all to post there. I am not sure it gives us edit capability - let me know. I think I can link your Buckeyeoutdoors training area if you can't.

Have fun!!


MarathonChris said...

Oh, and we can change the layout template also if you don't like the dots thing.

PLANET3RRY said...

I'm signed on and even posted an entry. I also sent you the code to my Buckeye Training!

Cory said...

Awesome site. I sent you the script for my buckeye training.

Rural Runner E said...

Sounds like a great idea.
I hope lots of people sign up and it becomes a big hit.