Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Think I Have Busted a Plateau

With all the "speedy" reports lately, something tells me that I busted a plateau. My schedule was a bit off today because I did my long run on Sat - and since I normally don't run on Monday, I thought I would go out this afternoon if my foot felt ok and do an easy 3 miles. EASY 3 miles. To make that point to myself I decided not to look at my Garmin until the end of the run (I still can't bring myself not to wear it....I am such a geek). I would hear the mile splits when they happened but not look at the times.

At 7 pm it is still warm - about 85 deg F and 59% humidity (not too bad on humidity). With the sun low in the sky it was not too hard to run in. So I took off on my 3 mile route - nice and easy. When I felt myself straining I just slowed it down. I did challenge myself by not stopping for walking breaks - just a brief stop (yes I stopped the watch) to tie my shoe.

3.1 miles in 31:40. OMG! 31:40 is almost the fastest I have run that distance all year! Just a 5K race and one fast tempo run exceeded that. I wasn't trying to run fast, honest!

I think that my overall pace has simply picked up. It doesn't appear to be a fluke.


Maddy said...

w00t w00t!

It's a great feeling when "all of a sudden" you're stronger, faster, better!

Of course, this is because of all of your effort and hard work.

You should be proud! Simply AWESOME!

Susan said...

WOW! You go girl!

IrishBlue said...

Dang, way to go!!

I think I read somewhere that every 6 weeks, your cardio system improves. Obviously, with all of the training you've been doing, your heart, lungs, etc..., are getting stronger and stronger.

Keep up the good work!

Petraruns said...

Totally agree - this is a result of all the hard work you've put in Chris I am incredibly impressed! Listened to your podcast yesterday while out for a long one - it was great, I really enjoyed it. Thank your daughter for her facts as well - the ants that make honey? I never knew that..