Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Running Right Along....

Pic from Race for the Cure 5K - my 5K PR of 30:03 min
I am in the third week of my training plan that has me strength training, cross training and running twice on Wed. I have to say that the plan is working extremely well. My average heart rate has dropped quite a bit while my pace has picked up. I think the strength training has made quite a difference. I ran 5.1 miles this morning at a 10:40 min/mile pace - I really worked it hard with a 180 bpm podrunner mix for the last 2 miles (which was hard to maintain) but with an AHR of 159. Then this afternoon I did an "easy" 3 mile run (I swear I was running easy)with only one 15 second walking break when I turned a 10:44 min/mi pace at an AHR of 149.

I know training is supposed to do this, but it just seems so amazing to me when it actually happens.

With today's 3.1 miler at 33:24 min, I think I can bust that 30 min 5K time I have been aiming for. My PR for the 5K is 30:03 min - run when I was in top form last fall.

Since last Friday:

Sunday: 12.66 miles in 2:31:12, an 11:57 min/mi pace
Monday: Rest day (I almost went running - was in a funk when I got home from work)
Tuesday: 5.0 miles in 53:11 min, a 10:38 min/mi pace


Maddy said...

That is great! Your training is going so well! Are you aimimg to break the under 30 minute 5k mark at the Watermelon 5k?

I know you can do it!

Keep up the excellent work!

petra duguid said...

Wow Chris! I know I shouldn't be jumping from one horse to the other (as it were) but can you tell me a bit more about your schedule? Have you got it written down / on your computer? I'm intrigued..

Susan said...

Wow! I feel so lazy! I am just taking it easy over here...

I would like to try to break my 5K PR on June 23rd... but I'd take something close to it. I have to get in gear, though!

Cory said...

Awesome to hear that your training is going so well.

dj steveboy said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments, and thank you for training with Podrunner!
--dj steve boyett

MarathonChris said...

I am considering the Watermelon 5K. That is not a timed race, so I would have to go with what the Garmin says my time is. I might do the race for fun!

The Orlando Running Club is sponsoring a 5K at Blanchard Park on June 16th that appears to be a timed event. That is coming up next I am not sure if I will do it. But it is close by (Blanchard Park is not far from UCF) so I may check it out.

IrishBlue said...

I'm hoping to break a 30 minute 5K this summer too. You can do it! Nice work on the training.