Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Extra Mile Podcast

In case you have not been reading Kevin's blog or the "What's a Few Miles Among Friends" blog, I am including a post to inform you of the latest running podcast. This one is a bit different in that the content will be developed by the listeners! We are looking for training updates and race reports in the coming months. You can send your audio files to Either Kevin, Nigel or myself will be pasting them all together for a nice little podcast each week!

Welcome to the Extra Mile Podcast :-)!


Susan said...

I listened and LOVED IT!

Maddy said...

I listened today! - Signed up for a Jott account and I will be participating in no time!

Awesome work!

Adam said...

It's great to have a new show to fill my iPod with. I look forward to celebrating your 100th episode. :-)