Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sound of Victory

This is me after completing my 8 mile long run in the Florida morning heat!

After getting some great advice from my friend Nigel on how to set up my iRiver with my mic, and having tested it yesterday, I set off on my long run ready to record some good stuff for this week's podcast. Last week I did not have it set up right and didn't get any of the good stuff from my 12 mile long run.

Well, unfortunately, I think the battery in the mic was used up did not work today! Grrrrr...another long run down the drain. Going to do some recording on Tues morning so I can hopefully get a podcast out this week. For the first time I don't have much material to work with!

My theme today (which you would have heard if I had recorded it) was the sound of victory. I was running in the hot weather, moaning a bit about the heat - but then just stopped complaining and said "Listen..." And if you listened you would hear the sound of my feet hitting the ground and my breathing. That, is the sound of victory, the sound of me getting stronger and healthier. Every time I felt tired I reminded myself of the sound of victory (thus the picture).

This week was my step back week and I was scheduled to run 5 miles, but that seemed too short for a "long" run so I went for 8. It was a very hot 8 mile run. For the rest of the summer I am going to have to get out there by 6 am to run. Finishing at 9 was tough!! Still not a bad time. 8 miles in 1:34:05, an 11:44 min/mi pace - which is great for my long run. I am trying to push the pace down toward my goal pace of 11:27 min/mi (to meet my 5 hour marathon goal).

After getting home I packed the kids up to go swimming at the local pool. They have a really nice kids play area and an Olympic size pool. We went yesterday afternoon and I swam about 14 times across the width of the pool (7 times back and forth). 15 minutes later I was exhausted! Today I did it again and it was all I could do to swim for 15 minutes. I did the crawl, breast stroke, or whatever - as long as I kept moving with short breaks at each side of the pool.

Swimming is a much more appropriate activity in this summer heat!

I need swimming tips - I won't drown but I don't do much more than that. I have never had lessons or been trained and didn't even know how to swim until I was around 10 years old. How often do I breathe? What is the correct way to move my arms, my legs, etc.? And with my hair getting in my eyes I think I will want goggles and maybe even a swim cap.

Anyone have tips for a beginner?


Susan said...

I have pondered a mini-tri... but the swimming part terrifies me! I "swim," but wouldn't know a proper stroke if it hit me in the head!

I look forward to your podcast!!!

Maddy said...

Way to get out there and add three miles! If it was anything like it was yesterday - and I'm assuming it was - it was brutal.

Starting an hour earlier should help some.

And it's just the begining of June!

July should be much fun with 14 and 16 mile runs. :-)

MarathonChris said...

Yes, I remember how tough those long runs were last year....especially when you are out on the road for 5 hours! You are running the hardest part during the hottest part of the day!!

Running up north should be a piece of cake after training in this stuff!!

Maddy said...

Tag! You're it!

IrishBlue said...

I can't help you on the swimming. I swim, but never had any real lessons on proper breathing and stroke.

Great job on the 8 miler in the heat though!

Cory said...

Great job on the 8 miles in the heat! Get yourself a cap and goggles you will not regret it. Keep up with smooth swimming strokes. Work on technique and not speed. The speed will come in due time.