Monday, June 25, 2007

Mystery Ache....and the 14 Mile Long Run

I have noticed lately that the top of the hamstring on my left leg (same side that I have the PF issue with) has been bugging me on and off. I don't know if I am over compensating because of the PF or if there is something else not quite right with my stride. It isn't bad - doesn't feel pulled - but it does feel tight and a little sore after running.

I am also wondering if I need to change to a new shoe since I am wearing orthotics. I have read in a few places that I may not need the stability type shoe I have been in (Brooks Addiction) because the orthotic is offering needed stability - that I may need to go to a more neutral shoe. I am going to go to a local running store that does gait analysis and see if they can help me analyze the situation.

I had a good 14 mile long run yesterday (longest run since my marathon in January). As usual it got pretty hot toward the end - but I made it at just under a 12 min/mi pace in 2:47:59. I could feel my left PF foot aching - in fact I started to get the "toe ache." This toe ache, I have discovered, is really an ache where the PF attaches near my big toe. As I got toward the end of my run I could feel the muscles in my legs tightening up so I could really feel it on my left toe and heel. After the run I stretched out and iced it for awhile. That seemed to help. By late in the day I was ready to walk around MGM studios for a little while. Today I feel just a little ache in my quads when going down stairs. My left hamstring and left calf muscles are also a bit sore. I am going to do some massage tonight - and try an easy 4 miler tomorrow morning. This is a recovery week after the big run.

Hubby is home so no more really early runs :-)!


PLANET3RRY said...

Is the pain still in the Hamstring or could it be sciatica? Could be shoes, especially if they have some mileage on them. How old are the orthotics... nothing lasts forever, but the shoes will give out faster than the orthotics.

I love the post long run soreness... when it's not too intense.

Maddy said...

14 Miles! You go! I would bet your hamstring issue is related to the PF.

We were at MGM on Saturday. It was soooo HOT! And crowded. We might have lasted a little longer than two hours.

If you are going to the new store in Altamonte, I have a $5 off shoe coupon I would be happy to send your way. (I have some loyalty toward the other one) If you can wait until I'm back from vaction, or if you can email by Tuesday morning and I will mail it to you.

MarathonChris said...

Terry - I can't tell if it's the hamstring or maybe the abductor - it is near the top of my leg by the glut on the inside. Just an ache - no sharp pain.

The shoes have some mileage on them - probably 400-450 miles - so I am due for a new pair anyway. The orthotics are pretty new - got them in early March.

Yes I actually do like the post long run soreness. It tells me I did some work the other day - it's the pain that means gain!

ShirleyPerly said...

Unless your orthotics were prescribed for the shoes you have, my guess is that you probably don't need the extra stability. Worn shoes could also contribute to your hamstring issue. I remember you saying they had quite a few miles on them and your lower back was bothering you, too.

How'd it go with the Camelbak?

Susan said...

I think being evaluated is the smartest possible thing!

I have stability shoes PLUS orthotics. Fingers crossed: no problems. I was evaluated to wear that combination. Again, fingers crossed!

Your 14-miler makes me tired just thinking about it!