Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What do you mean "I'm it?"

Ok, I didn't get it until I read Susan and Melissa's blog.

6 things.....

1. I worked as a DJ for my college radio station and ran it for one summer. After graduation I moonlighted on an AM station as a DJ on the weekends - was fun!

2. When I have time (which is hardly ever these days) my family and I like to play Everquest. My main avatar is a 68th level wood elf druidess. I also have a 52nd level dwarf fighter, a 44th level Vah Shir (cat person) shaman, and a 38th level froglok (frog) paladin named Frogfury.

3. My first job was pumping gas at a small town station in Vermont. Gas was still under $1 a gallon.

4. I play the guitar (play at the guitar more like it) and was in a small rock band in high school we called Starfire (I know - so 70's). I wrote the main song played at my wedding (pre-recorded).

5. My favorite sandwich growing up (no longer) was peanut butter and....mayonaise.

6. In HS I played the french horn in the band - played trumpet in marching band.

Not terribly weird, but uniquely me.


Maddy said...

You're so musical!

My favorite is #4. Who can say they wrote their own wedding song?

That is so cool!

Susan said...

Wow - I have new respect!

IrishBlue said...

Ok, peanut butter and mayonaise is terribly weird, or gross, or something.

When I was a kid, I used so much ketchup, my mom actually bought it by the case. I put it on eggs, mac and cheese, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, just about everything but cereal.

Who am I to judge. ;-)