Monday, September 17, 2007

What a Year!

I had the Buckeyeoutdoor site do a report for me from Jan 1 through today and here is what my running summary was:

Running Summary
Runs: 134
Avg. MHR: 170.5
Avg. AHR: 154.0
Avg. Time: 01:03:09
Total Time: 141:03:06
Avg. Speed: 5.1 MPH
Avg. Mi Pace: 11:42
Avg. Dist.: 5.4 Mi
Total Dist.: 722.8 Mi
Avg. Cal. Burned: 553.0
Total Cal. Burned: 74105

The numbers I thought were really interesting were the Total Time, Total Miles and the Total Calories burned.

141 hours (almost 6 days)
722 miles (almost the distance from Orlando, FL to Richmond, VA)
74,105 calories (37 days of eating 2,000 cal/day)

I have run 141 hours in the 260 days so far in 2007, which means I have spent 5.3% of my time running. I have also run on about 50% of the days this year.

One more item of note. My Excel log tracks my progress toward an annual goal. After yesterday's long run, I finally caught up on my miles and am on track (slightly ahead) to complete the Tinkoff 1000 this year.

It's a good day to be a runner!! :-)


Susan said...

EXCELLENT STATS, my friend! Congratulations!

Petraruns said...

Wow - very impressive numbers there Chris! Pat yourself on the back - amazing that you've managed to fit all that in with everything else you've got going on!

ShirleyPerly said...


You've come a long way, literally :-). Keep up the great work!

Maddy said...

Those are great numbers! Think about it... You missed nearly a month with your P.F. and you are truckin' right along!

Fantastic Job!

lizzie lee said...

No wonder you are a Project Manager. I am a PM too and play with the metrics to get all the info I want. That's why I tell my kids "I breathe PM in everything I do".

Chris, those metrics don't lie. You are behind all the effort...

Keep Running!!!