Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers

So here is the rest of the story....

When I got to my class this morning, one of the students suggested I call the police station to see if my license had been turned in. The student even handed me the Sioux Falls police department number.

During the time when I wasn't teaching, I stepped out and made the phone call. The first lady I spoke with referred me to the Crime Lab, who usually deals with found property. When I spoke to the Lab, they checked and voila! They had my license.

This afternoon I went to the police station to pick up the license. After handing me the license and getting my information, she then said, "Oh, and this is yours too" while handing me $3 - the money I lost with the license. My reply: "Wow, I didn't expect this back - thank you so much!" When I asked them where it was found, she indicated an intersection that I remembered running through along the path (not the bathroom or the football park).

So, what did I learn from this "running adventure":

1. Get a Road ID bracelet and stop carrying a driver's license when running!
2. Although things seemed pretty bad, it could have been worse in so many ways.
3. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers or the hospitality of a small town / city.
4. I am a very blessed person.

Everyone I have encountered here in Sioux Falls has been friendly, helpful and hospitable (never annoyed or put out) during my stay. When I first got here I thought I had found a relatively dead city - little crowds, quiet and slow. Now I can see that the life is in the people who are here - who take the time to care about people they don't even know. The point is that people who are like that are EVERYWHERE! Instead of assuming that people are detached, I can think of people as friends I haven't met yet.

So I am on schedule to travel home on the early morning flight to be home tomorrow afternoon. Thank you everyone for your good thoughts and encouragement. I really am blessed.

Now I think I will do a few more work items and go for another run....


Susan said...


I now have a Road ID on my shoe. Love it!

MarathonChris said...

Ordered mine online this afternoon :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm so glad you were able to get back your DL and the money! I've got a couple of Road IDs, one for running and one for cycling. I rarely carry any money though ... probably should, just in case.

Glad you got a chance to run in some cooler weather!

Maddy said...

Wow! I never would have expected the $3 to be returned also.

What a great story!

I should order a road ID for my infrequent outdoor runs...

Marathon Maritza said...

How great that you got everything back! I run with my license also, but mostly b/c I haven't purchased a home yet, so a Road ID isn't really logical at this point. Maybe I can just make my own faux foad ID in the interim time, b/c getting a new license is such a fiasco.

Wishing you a safe flight home! Happy running!

Susan said...

Change of topic: Jamie, aka Diabetic Runner, is now part of Team Elijah!