Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Miracle Mile 15K

Today my husband and I ran the Miracle Mile 15K road race through downtown Orlando. The race conditions were pretty good, temperature in the low 70's and some humidity but not oppressive. The start time was 7:00 am - just after it the sun came up.

After suffering from a headache on and off (mostly on) for the past two days, I was excited to wake up this morning headache free and ready to run! We got down to the race area around 6:15 am and the crowd was already gathering for the race. This is a rather large event that includes a 5K and Kids Fun run in addition to the 15K.

When we got there we found Shirley working her usual station - the computer at the Start/Finish. She was busy so after chatting a bit we headed out to warm up.

My husband opted to run with me the entire race - which was great. I think we kept each other going. I brought the iRiver along, so hopefully, if I ever get to producing the podcast again, you will hear about the race sometime :-). We ran 3 min and walked 1 per his routine. I worked to keep my pace up a bit more so the total pace would be under 11 min/mi.

I was Garmin challenged as I forgot to start my timer at the start of the race, then turned it off after the 1st mile (I started it around a half mile in). I finally started it back up from scratch at 2 miles. Toward the end of the race, the battery was running low....I hadn't charged it since my trip to South Dakota!

We had a great race. Last year my husband ran it in 1:46:23 and I finished in 1:52:27. Our goal was 11 min/mile which would be a finish of just over 1:42.

And the results...drum roll please....

We finished in 1:39:57, a 10:43 min/mi pace! A course and 15K PR for both of us! And wow, a great improvement over last year.

I competed in a new age group - the 45-49 year olds. Here are race stats:

I came in 615 out of 878 total finishers
276 out of 451 women
32 out of 54 for my age group

This is much improved over last year's results (718/804, 339/402, 57/63).

I may have some speed left in me yet!


Maddy said...

Great job on the race today! What a fantastic finish!

And a new PR? w00t! w00t! Awesome!

Congrats to you and Mr. Marathon!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on running a great race!! It was wonderful to see you and Jim there together.

Sorry I was so busy. There were a slew of folks who signed up on race day!

Rural Runner E said...

Great race...and what a high..another PR. Good for you and your husband. It is funny how you talked about racing with your husband in this race, as I have just found a race that my wife will finally run with me. I hope we have as much fun as it sounds the two of you have. Thanks for the inspiration.

Susan said...

Great race, great report AND a PR?!? And hubby, too?!? Sounds like an excellent morning. Way to go!