Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marine Corps Marathon Bib # 24639

I just got my confirmation for MCM along with my bib number. Runner number 24639. Less than 6 weeks away...I can hardly believe it!


Maddy said...

Do you know if MCM will offer text tracking?

I'm sure a lot of us will want to keep tabs on you that day!

It's so exciting! And it does seem like -BAM! All of a sudden, it's almost here!

MarathonChris said...

You can get text tracking to cell phone or pager. Also email tracking.

Maddy - you will need to provide yours as well! :-)

IrishBlue said...

Rock on marathon woman!

I just got my bib today for the Race for the Cure. Just a 5k, but it's exciting to get the bib.

Susan said...

I sense a lucky number!!!