Monday, September 03, 2007

Theories About My Post Run Episode

I appreciate all the concern expressed regarding my post run "issues." I have a few theories from my past backed up by some internet research.

I have struggled with colitis on and off throughout my life. My digestive system has had it's moments. A few years ago I discovered I was allergic to egg (particularly the yolk) which happens to be one of my favorite foods along with all those egg flavored things like ranch dressing, mayonaise, anything baked, etc. I seemed to do much better when I got egg out of my diet. Lately I have been cheating a bit.

Another possible issue - this one Terry has been discussing - gluten sensitivity. A few years ago my husband thought he had a gluten sensitivity - possibly celiac disease. Our family went gluten free and we have had some good results. Lately we have been eating gluten here and there. He was finally diagnosed to NOT be celiac. The interesting thing is that my sister has been diagnosed with it - and it tends to run in families, so....

Lately I have been under some stress - job changes and lots of travel. This combined with poor eating habits (really hard to eat healthy when traveling) and a digestive system that has been struggling a bit lately and, well it can cause issues. Add also to this an increase in consuming ibuprofen for inflamed feet and such and, well, you get the idea.

So, my theory is that my colon is stressed - the cramping I experience can cause the lightheadedness / near fainting spells (this is the only time I have the issue - is with the cramping). I am ordering a colon cleanse that I used with great success last fall - to hopefully clean things out - and then I should be back on track.

If this fails, then I will definitely get in to see the doctor!

In the meanwhile, even though Monday is normally a rest day - I really felt like running and my husband was ready to do a very easy 5 miles. So off we went for a run - I started out a little on a faster pace - I tried to keep it easy and eventually went from 5 min run 1 min walk to just 1 min run 1 min walk. I also tried not to let my husband pull my pace to quick. The last mile of the run felt great!

I feel a great week of running ahead! Thank you EVERYONE for your super support! :-)


Rural Runner E said...

Good luck with the upcoming week of running. I can understand how digestive problems can come back to roost during a run. Although, my problems tend to be self-inflicted....I have been testing some new foods and drinks while running...not all go well with the whole running thing.

Keep on trucking. If my impression of you (from all of your posts) is will be back rocking and rolling very soon.

Petraruns said...

Well done on carrying on and it sounds like you're confident that you know where the problem is coming from. Take care though!

Susan said...

Well done with the research! Sounds like you're on the right track.

I agree; this week is going to be GOLDEN!!!

PLANET3RRY said...

I'm curious what Colon Cleansing thing you are going to use. I have used Dr. Natura 3x with great results each time... I just don't always put up blog posts about my colon plumbing ;p

Maddy said...

I'm happy you have done some research and narrowed down the cause. Still be careful!!!

How difficult is the gluten-free lifestyle? I'd be interested in learning more about that.

MarathonChris said...

Terry - Dr. Natura's is the one I used and have ordered again. It really helped get me back on track. Although I didn't have the same kind of extreme results as the testimonies on their website - but it really got my plumbing working correctly.

Maddy - Going gluten free can be difficult - gluten comes in all forms and is added to things you wouldn't imagine. Still, it can really benefit if it is something you have issues with. It isn't hard if you eat at home - it is eating out that is tricky.

ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, diet and digestive problems can wreak havoc on an athlete's training/racing. Dave used to have a really hard time eating well while travelling until he started staying at places that had mini-kitchens or at least a fridge & microwave. That way he can go to the grocery store and buy good stuff to eat rather than eating out every meal. It may be worth a try if you're travel keeps up. These extended stay type of places also often cost less than staying at full service hotels.

Good luck with the cleansing!