Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goodbye September - My Biggest Month (in miles)

September is the biggest training month (miles wise) that I have ever had. With the races and such coming up, it will probably be the biggest this year. Although I don't put in those 50+ mile weeks like some folks that are seriously training for a marathon, I am amazed I even found time to do 150. And as it turns out, going that extra 2 miles while running with Maddy today rounded out the number (no need for junk miles).

Now it is just 4 more weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon! The two friends who were originally signing up for this race with me won't be running. Both had very good reasons for not running it this year. Fortunately, a co-worker of mine and his wife are both running MCM and staying in Crystal City (as I am) so I hope to hook up with them. We won't be running together. They are going for BQ's! But it will be fun to know a face in the crowd.


lizzie lee said...

Congratulations for your month of September. Really nice that you could run with Maddy. Today I feel the need of sharing a run with a running soul... Having you guys at least virtual, makes me feel that I am not alone.

take care, and keep running

Petraruns said...

What a month! 150 is a great deal, especially given all your other commitments and your traveling. One more biggie right? And then it's taper time. I SO envy you running MCM - might do it next year ;)? Will we be able to track you during your race? But for now - just take a moment to appreciate your achievements so far.. Well done!

Maddy said...

thanks for meeting up with me yesterday! It was great! And I'm glad I was a part of your most miles in a month!

Congrats on that! You are amazing!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on all the miles you ran in September! Maybe when the weather gets cooler I might be able to move my long runs back to the weekends and do my bike rides with Dave afterwards or vice versa.

I'm sure you'll enjoy MCM regardless of who is running it or not. There are so many fun things to see along the route, esp. all those wonderful Marines :-)

Keri said...

Good luck at Marine Corp! Found you out there while searching for other marathoners. I'm training for my first marathon in December. You rock!! Keep it up - it's almost here.

Susan said...

Excellent stats, my friend!

I can't believe that your race is so close! You are going to do GREAT.