Saturday, December 02, 2006

OUC Half Marathon Race Report

OUC Half Marathon
December 2nd, 7:30 am
70 degrees F, 80% Humidity, light wind
Participation: 1910 runners (finishers)
Goal: 2 hrs 30 minutes

The weather was forecast to be warm, very humid, with a slight chance of a shower.

I wanted to hit 2.5 hours - as kind of a test to see if I had a shot at a 5 hour marathon in January. With that in mind, I set my iPod to a 170 bpm podrunner song and got ready to race. I felt good today - not as rested as I would have liked but excited to be racing. I also had my new toy (check out my left wrist). My new Garmin Forerunner 305 arrived in the mail on Friday - just in time to take it for a spin during today's race.

The Garmin was fun to have. I could see my pace at any particular time, although at times it didn't seem right - I was sure my pace was a little better than it told me at times. Especially when it would flash a 43 min mile while I was standing still! But it was close. Also, the mile markers on the course did not jive with what the Garmin said I had run, and in the end, my total distance on the Garmin was 13.47 miles instead of the 13.1 on the course. I also have a heart rate monitor, although I have to say, the display of my heart rate was very small (good thing I was wearing my progressive lenses)! For the most part, I was running in Zone 4 - mostly outside my aerobic zone. I could tell I was working hard. Anyway, I had to watch that I didn't let the Garmin distract me, and actually had to ignore it at times and listen to my body. Still, the graphs and downloads I got to play with later were fun!

In the end, my final time for the race was 2 hrs 36 min. I knew I was running slower than a 2:30 time pace, but there was no way I could speed up. It was too hot outside and I was feeling it. In addition to having the iPod set at 170 bpm, I tried to run 1 mile before taking a walking break. Toward the end I had to take a few more breaks per mile, but I ran the entire last 1.1 miles of the course.

I made 10 miles right at the 2 hour mark - so I knew that 2:30 wasn't going to happen. I was able to maintain my pace (just under 12 min mile). Technically this was a PR for me. My last Half Marathon race was last year's OUC which I ran in 2:54. However, my recorded time for the Phedippedations Half Marathon was 2:32. I ran that race in two parts, however (a 10K followed by 7 miles) and I think that made a difference in the time vs running the entire race all at once. So I consider today's time a PR.

Heel update: As with any run these days, my heel ached after the race. I iced it and it did just fine.

5 more weeks til Disney!!


Susan said...

FABULOUS! What a story! You DID achieve a PR today, in my book.

I love my Garmin. You'll grow to love yours more! I've yet to wear it in an actual road race yet, though (just the WWH).

If I'm not mistaken, you look even slimmer than in your last race pic.

Steve Boyett (dj steveboy) said...

Good luck in your Disney HM, and thanks for running with Podrunner!

Adam said...

You are absolutely BEAMING in that photo and deservidly so. We are all so proud of you Chris and share in your success. Thanks for sharing the fantastic news and we look forward to your burning up the trail in January!


Maddy said...

Congrats on your PR. The humidity was nearly unbearable (I ran that one too!) Good Luck at Disney!

Tamara said...

I'll be running this half tomorrow! It will be my first half!! :) Good luck to you!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations on your race. It had been awhile since I looked at your site. A am originally from Florida (Ormond/Port Orange)and my brother now lives in Orlando. In fact he just bought a house on the OUC half marathon race route(Conway Gardens). My mother was visting during the race and called me to tell me that people were running past the house. I wished that I could have been there.(I live in NC) Over Thanksgiving I was in FL and on Thanksgiving Day my husband and I ran in the Turkey Trot in Orlando. It was my first race with over 60 people. There was 4,500 people in the race and it was awesome. I hope that some time when I am in Florida that we could meet up and go running. You can check out my facebook page.
Take care and keep running,