Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taper run #1 - 3 miles

Three miles?? After two days recovery from the 24.5 miler on Sunday, I was ready to do 5, but my training schedule had 3 for today, 7 tomorrow, 4 for Friday then a 14 mile long run on Sunday.

Seems strange to be tapering when you look at my schedule lately....I started tapering in November.

Ah well, 3 miles it is. I was a bit tired today but had a nice brisk 3 mile run with 30 sec breaks each mile. I hit the lap button at my turn around point and did a negative split: 1st 1.5 miles in 17:08, 2nd 1.5 miles in 16:23 - pace was 10:57 min mile. Not a blazing pace, but I want to keep my shorter runs under 11 min/mile so it was ok. My heart rate was relatively high today. My average heart rate was 162 bpm, with a high of 178 as I sprinted to the end of my street. I am using 185 bpm as a max heart rate but I suspect it may be a little higher. The general formula (220-age) would place it at 176, which is impossible since my recorded heart rate is as high as 183 (end of the hot, OUC half marathon). As I sit here blogging, about 35 min after my run, my heart rate is now 85 bpm. My resting heart rate has been measured at 58-60 bpm. I wish I understood more about the heart rate training thing. For now I am using my Garmin to capture my heart rate and observing what it is and how I feel. It was a good guide on Sunday's long run to measure when I needed to take a break. I think it will be a big help in the marathon.

2 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours to go!!!


Susan said...

I am ready to experience your big day with you! I expect a HUGE post that day!

My resting heart rate is usually about 58 bpm. I try to keep my runs under 180 bpm. It varies!

Nigel Staffordshire said...

Hey Chris,

Can't wait to hear how you do at Disney !!!

Best of luck !