Sunday, November 26, 2006

My running support group

I want to thank everyone reading this post - posting to my blog - and blogging / podcasting about running. Someone asked me if I have joined a training group for my marathon training. I said no, I just train on my own. But really that isn't true. I train with all of you.

I take Phedippediations out on my long run each week, and have my running companion Steve talk about all kinds of running topics, notable running legends and the Red Sox. I take Adam Tinkoff's Burning 20 with me and he talks about his training and traveling around the country and the world. Nigel of Running from the Reaper also runs with me - so I can imagine I am running on a gravel path in the English countryside dodging swans instead of a sidewalk on a busy neighborhood street dodging squirrels.

As I blog my way through my training, I have lots of friends who encourage me along the way. Besides the folks above, Susan of I Run for My Life reads and posts encouraging notes. I also hear occasionally from Melisa of Irishblue in a Running Shoe. There are other folks who have been posting lately as well, including my own sister!

I should say there is one person who I get to train with in person on occasion. Shirley has run with me a couple of times, particularly on the tail end of my really long runs. We end up talking the entire time which helps those last couple of miles! And as a certified running coach, she helps me improve my running!

And finally my biggest husband. Who watches the kids while I disappear for 3-4 hrs on Sunday morning, who helps me out of my ice baths and feeds me healthy foods to keep me going.

So thanks for being part of a team with me! :-) I am not alone.


Susan said...

Well THANK YOU! I feel that you are part of my support group, also! Definitely!

Richard Priest said...

Hello Chris, Nigel directed me to your blog.
I too am running my 1st marathon at Disney in January. I am an average middle of the packer -not a very good runner actually but I love it. I just completed a 21 mile training run and found it difficult. I am from Montreal Canada, 41 and have a wife and 3 young children. It would be cool to say hi at Disney

marathonchris44 said...

Hi Richard,
We will need to find a way to hook up at Disney. There is a thread on the Phedippedations discussion board where I am trying to get a group together. You can monitor there to see what we put together. It's at Good luck in your training. If you have completed 21 miles, you are just about there! :-)

Adam said...

and you are OUR hero too. Big hugs all around. So, how's the Marathon Chris podcast coming? hehehe.