Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Marathon of Life

I believe that some of my best marathon mental training has been taking place in the rest of my life lately, primarily my work life. As I rapidly approach the end of my 5th week of 60+ hrs and no days off, I find myself reaching that point where I don't think I can go another minute - and then I push myself to go further. I have felt like I "hit the wall" so many times, where I feel paralyzed and can't move or think. But then somewhere I find something that keeps me going.

Needless to say, my marathon training (physical) has been difficult to maintain, this week being the worst. I haven't run at all since my 15 miler last Sun, and I am scheduled to run 24 this Sunday. I think I may do a short run tomorrow just to wake my running self up! After this week, my taper begins. Though it seems I have been tapering unintentionally since my last big run.

The good news, is that this job pace ends next week, and a 3 week vacation begins. I will be able to rest up, and focus the last 3 weeks before the big race (in between getting ready for the holidays and such). I have the training base, I just need to maintain it without pushing too much. Perhaps my heel has benefited from the extra days off (the up side).

So it's off to bed with my sleepy self. Big run on Sunday!

(picture is a San Diego sunset I caught a couple of years ago)