Sunday, December 03, 2006

Burning up the treadmill

After yesterday's half marathon, I had expected to take today off to give my heel a break - however, as I left for work (yes, I had to work today...ugh!) I grabbed my gear just in case I was up for a run or the elliptical machine.

As lunchtime drew near, I realized my heel didn't even hurt, and I felt great - so I hit the treadmill (still too warm and humid outside) for 5 miles....and I burned it up! I ran it in 51:06 (about 10:13/mile). Now, I was careful in my approach since the tendon in my foot had been feeling funny lately. I did some loosening up beforehand, rotating my ankles, knees and hips, getting the joints ready. Then I walked the first minute and ran the first 3/4 of a mile at a slower pace (about 11:00 - 11:30). Then I picked up the pace for the last 1/4 mile and pushed it for the other miles - starting miles 2-5 at a 10 min/mile pace and speeding up to about 9:13 min/mile pace by the end of each mile before I took a 1 min walking break. On the last mile, I did the last half lap at an 8 min/mile pace.

My heel still feels pretty good...maybe I am finally making progress. I am still going to take it easy, just to be sure.

What was especially gratifying is feeling so good the day after a half marathon that I could pound out 5 miles. The last 3 half marathons I entered I had NOT really trained for, and hurt for several days afterwards! Today, I'm feeling fine!

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Susan said...

You are AMAZING and INSPIRING. I am truly impressed. I have never had the desire to go for a run after a big race! You go girl!!!!