Saturday, October 20, 2007

Running and Biking in the Rain

Today was to be an easy 4 mile run for me - tomorrow is my 5 miler race and the beginning of the last week before my marathon.

My husband's plan was to run 18 miles - further than he has ever run before. Our joint plan was to run the first 4 miles. Then I would hop on my bike and accompany my husband on the next 14 miles. Seemed like a good enough plan. I mapped out the route the night before so we knew where to run for 14 miles.

This morning we got up around 7:00 am and took about 30-45 min to prepare for the run. The weather report was not great for today - big chance of showers and it had been raining over night. But, in spite of the rain chances, we decided to go for it and headed out for the first 4 miles.

It was a great, easy 4 miler for me completed in 45:15 - an 11:18 min/mile pace. About the time we got back from the first 4 miles the skies opened up and the rain began to fall. As we got our supplies for the next 14 miles, the radar seemed to indicate that the rain would last for a little bit, then it should clear up for the rest of the run. There was no thunder and lightning so we headed out. I grabbed a rain poncho for me since I was not going to be running or expending enough energy to keep me warm in the rain (very good thing I did that!) My husband felt fine - with his running keeping him warm. With extra water on hand, we set out in the rain.

The rain was steady but not too hard, so actually not bad to run in. There was a little bit of a breeze so I was very happy for the rain poncho. The rain stopped after about 5 miles or so. My husband was making great time, with a pace comfortably under 12 min/mile and he was not getting winded at all. around mile 6 I began to have this realization....I really don't bike very often, and when I do it is to the elementary school and back (about 2 miles). As my bottom side began to get a bit sore, my back from bending over and my arms from supporting me - not to mention an slightly different set of leg muscles being used to propel me - I was beginning to wonder if a 14 mile slow bike ride was really a good idea. It was great being there with my husband - but I worried about the resulting body aches. Ah well, the die had been cast and we were going to finish it.

Around 8 or 9 miles into the 14 miler, my husband's legs were starting to get sore - but he had plenty of energy. We turned back toward the house to cut the run short about a mile. As we headed toward home we ran through UCF and observed all the football game day preparations, including the smell of barbeque grills firing up for the tail gate parties.

Closer to home, my husband was feeling pretty good, so instead of making the turn toward our house we continued down Lockwood Blvd to add the mile we cut out back into the run. He completed his 14.14 miles in 2 hours 46 minutes. He ran an 11:46 min/mi pace. Amazing!!! I was relieved to finally get off the bike. And hours later as I write this, I am feeling no ill effects. I should be just fine for my 5 mile race tomorrow.

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Susan said...

OK - I am now officially wanting a bike!