Sunday, October 07, 2007

22 Miles Down - Let the Taper Begin!

Picture was at the finishline of last week's Miracle Mile 15K - my husband and I finishing together.

This weekend was the last big run before the Marine Corps Marathon. My husband, who is training for Disney, was scheduled to do 14 miles. I was to do 22 miles. I enjoyed my run on the Seminole Wekiva Trail with Maddy so much last weekend, we decided to return for this week's run. I knew the shade it would offer in the later miles would be a life saver.

We were going to try to hook up with Maddy and run with the Team in Training crew on Saturday, but there was lots of rain in the area on Saturday morning. We figured we would get a better chance for a dryer run on Sunday. The forecast called for partly sunny skies, 30% chance of rain, 85% humidity with a temp ranging from 76 to 88 degrees (which was to feel like 100 deg F). An early start would be best. So we were up early today and ready to start running at 6:45 am (I am not sure we could have started at 6 am without headlamps on this trail). My dear husband ran my slower pace and we ran 4 min and walked 1. We ran down the trail for 7 miles before turning back to complete the first 14 miles. We finished that in about 2 hours, 49 min. I did really well with my heart rate, keeping it in the 140's for the first 9 miles of the run, then in the low 150's until approaching 14 miles.

We made our transition - my husband to a bicycle while I traded my CamelBak for my pre-filled fuel belt - and headed back out. Just 8 more miles to go....

By about 16 miles, I started to really feel it - felt that I had to work for it. By 18 miles, I had to really focus to ignore the pain in my feet, to relax and just run. I started walking every 2 min but I still managed to run more than I walked. The last few miles were tough - but I did much more running this time at the end than I did with my 21 miler a few weeks ago. The shade of the trail combined with a breeze and some light rain (and associated cloud cover) really helped out. I would have burned out much sooner in the sun.

My final time: 22 miles in 4:38:38 (avg pace of 12:40 min/mi, AHR of 152bpm. This time was 6 minutes faster than the tough 21 miler I did 3 weeks ago.

I knew my feet were wet - there was squishing going on during the run, but no blisters. The surprise was that the black bottom of my orthotics caused my feet to turn black, including the nails of those two toes that I hurt earlier. After cleaning up my feet (couldn't get all the black off), my two middle toe nails started to come loose. One came completely off and had a think new nail underneath. The other came half off with nothing but skin underneath (I know, TMI, but this is my first lost toenail encounter).

Let the taper begin!!!

(Side note on mom - she came home from the hospital on Friday - doing ok but they are still investigating why her blood count was so low. Thanks again for all the well wishes).


Mike - The PCRobot said...

Great picture.. keep it up!

Susan said...

WOW 22!!!! That is awesome. And your average pace is amazing. You are going to ROCK the MCM.

I was telling Chasen all about you running the MCM today. We are in awe!

Great photo, also.

lizzie lee said...

Chris, congrats, and how fun running with hubby.

I did 18 yesterday (also wet) and for the last 6 miles my legs were in pain but I kinda didn't feel them. It was like having anesthesia with the pain somewhere there. It was a weird feeling.

I liked reading your experience and see how other mortals feel. Thanks for sharing, hugs to mom, and do your best in the Marine Corps Marathon. I hope to do it one day. I have great admiration for the MC, so will be like a tribute.

I am going to DC tomorrow. If by chance I have to be there the week of 22 I will try to stay till Sunday.

I'll let you know.

Keep Running

Petraruns said...

Wonderful picture - what a team! and great going on the 22 girlfriend - that's fantastic! It is SUCH a great feeling to have it in the bag. We will be following you and watching you in the MCM - can't wait to cheer you on virtually!

ShirleyPerly said...

I love that photo! And great job on that 22-miler!!

Consider yourself lucky that your toenails fell off now. You'll have a couple weeks for them to harden up before the race.

Enjoy your well-earned taper!!!

Jamie said...

Awesome photo and 22 mile run Chris!!!!!

Remember the Disney Marathon? I had that squishy feeling then because of the humidity, and TMI here too: attached my toenail to my bib in the finisher plaque I put together... :-)

Maddy said...

Awesome., awesome picture of you and your husband! That's a keeper!

Way to stay strong on that 22! I'm impressed! You are going to rock MCM! No doubt!

I am fighting a constant battle with the toenails. I'm missing two - So I just polish where the nail belongs. You'd probably never even notice!

Drusy said...

Good Luck Chris! I've enjoyed following your progress on the Extra Mile!

Erin said...

Congrats to you and your DH. Fantastic run. Glad to hear your mom continues to do well. Hope the tests are helpful.

I just discovered a black toenail under my nailpolish. I've taken to soaking it twice a day in either listerine or apple cider vinegar to fight off fungus. I'm kind of worried about losing the nail. I wonder how long that would take to grow back?

Great to hear your race reports on the Extra Mile. Good luck with the MCM!


Nicole said...

Congrats on the 22miler! It's been great listening to your journey on the extra mile.

Happy taper!