Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Phedippedations World Wide Half Marathon

My husband and I after finishing the World Wide Half Marathon.

Today was the day...race day...the second annual Phedip World Wide Half Marathon. My husband and I ran a race with over 1100 participants today. When we were stretching before starting the race, our neighbor was out and saw our race numbers. He asked us where the start of our race was. And we told him we were starting right there, in front of our house, running with many other runners all over the world.

We were not trying to set any PRs - I wanted to go easy since this was my first run since I got sick earlier this week. I felt fine this morning. My husband was actually running another couple miles after we finished to complete his scheduled 16 mile long run. My Garmin would keep official race time and distance. I had my Elijah reminder band on. We were ready to go!

We started out easy - our pace under 12 min/mile. We managed to maintain that pace for the entire run. We ran around part of Oviedo, then south through the University of Central Florida, before running home. On the way we saw a bunny rabbit, helped a man push his stalled car out of the road, ran past lots of runners and lots of drivers. We had one driver yell at us, with thumbs down, but other drivers yielding to our run. I think folks thought it interesting that we were running around the neighborhood and campus with a race number on!

About 2.5 miles from the house, I realized that were were almost on pace for a half marathon PR! So we kicked up the pace a bit, and finished in 2:33:25, and 11:45 min/mi pace. I reported 2:32 for last year's Phedip - but I ran that in two parts - a 10K followed by additional miles. This is the fastest continuous 13.1 miles I have ever run. My husband beat his previous time of about 2:54. We finished running to our house for a total of 13.54 miles in 2:39. After a quick picture, I grabbed my bike and accompanied my husband on the last 2.5 miles of his 16 miler. He finished that in about 26:39.

My splits:

Mile 1: 11:37 Mile 8: 12:14
Mile 2: 11:49 Mile 9: 11:47
Mile 3: 12:02 Mile 10: 12:05
Mile 4: 11:42 Mile 11: 11:47
Mile 5: 11:51 Mile 12: 11:15
Mile 6: 11:35 Mile 13: 10:46
Mile 7: 11:42 Mile 13.1: :53

Total: 2:33:25

My iPod froze up about halfway through - I justed finished listening to Phedip here at the computer!

What a great race!!


Susan said...

WOW! What a great race you had!

I felt a bit odd wearing the bib... but I didn't see too many other people (other than drivers).

Your splits were AWESOME. Look out MCM - here comes Marathon Chris!!!

Maddy said...

Great job out there today! It was a beautiful day for a run!

Congratulations on the "continuous" PR. You'll have another new one after OUC!

Mike the PCRobot said...

Congratulations Chris! Way to go wearing the WWH bibs, and again congrats on the PR!

ShirleyPerly said...

How wonderful to see both you and Jim out there running yesterday and on one of the best days for running we've had in a long time. You guys looked so strong.


CewTwo said...

Sounds like you two had a great run yesterday. Helping with a stalled car during a run. Multi-tasking!

Great report! Thanks for sharing!

Drusy said...

Congrats Chris and impressive with no tunes in the second half!

Jamie said...

Congrats on a great race Chris! Sounds like you are more than ready for the MCM! I love that you both had your bibs on, and in the true spirit of the PWWHM race, consider yourselves running with 1100 others, even though they are nowhere to be seen!!!

Congrats, and looking forward to your MCM race report, and your other adventures along the way!

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Impressive run! Congrats on the PR - you are an inspiration to us all!


lizzie lee said...

Now is when I understand about the World Wide Half Marathon. I thought Susan was doing a 13.1 mile as part of her training. How does that work??? I would like to do it next year...

Good Job

Nigel, Staffordshire said...

Well done Chris !


PLANET3RRY said...

you totalllly Rock!

Sounds like you had a great WWH and a n excellent bounce in training for the MCM! Rock on!

Don't want to leave out hubby. Great work on his monster PR!

Nicole said...

Great job, Chris (and your hubby too)! Yay! on the PR. :)