Thursday, October 11, 2007

Running and the Common Cold

The good news is that running can help boost your immune system - and mine has been such that I have not been sick in, oh, probably well over a year. I don't have the tendency to overtrain so I get to enjoy the benefits of a strengthened immune system.

So now that I am finally tapering, a post nasal drip sneaks in, steals my voice, and keeps me off the road. My sinuses are not clogged, just that annoying post nasal drip. And laying in a dentist chair on Tuesday for over an hour with that drip was not fun and probably didn't help.

I have read before that if the cold is above the neck, you are ok to run. If below the neck, you probably shouldn't. I have also read that running easy is probably just fine and may help - but if you have a fever or flu symptoms you should lay off.

Ok, no fever or flu, and I feel relatively ok (but was tired this morning). I guess one more day off.

In the meanwhile I am using all the "tricks" I know to reduce the time and severity of this affliction. I don't need an illness imposed break on top of the typical taper madness. I don't think I have any infection yet - I am taking Guaifenesin to loosen the mucus so I can cough more productively (ok, probably TMI). I am armed with tea, chicken soup, and a day home to rest.

I am glad I felt fine for the Dolphin run and also glad I have time to kick this in plenty of time for the marathon.


Susan said...

I think you are doing all of th right things. REST! You have earned it.

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm sure you'll get over this quickly if you rest a little extra and take care of yourself.

If in doubt, do less during your taper!