Saturday, October 20, 2007

UCF 5 Miler Predictions

When I attended UCF (oh, nearly 20 years ago) we used to joke that UCF stands for "U Can't Finish." So the name of this race is quite appropriate. Tomorrow is the UCF "U Can Finish" 5 Miler. I have run this race twice before. The first time I ran (2004) my goal was to beat 1 hour. I believe I ran the race in about 58 minutes (mission accomplished).

Last year (2006) I was hoping to break 50 minutes. It was a very hot day, and I really started to slow around mile 3. I still managed to finish in 51:14.

This year I am hoping to break 51 minutes. I don't want to push too hard with my marathon next week, but I think that my 5 mile pace lately has been very good. Thursday evening I ran 5.1 miles in 52:15. This is not far from my 5 miler PR time (10:16 min/mi pace vs a 10:14 min/mi pace). I did push myself a bit on Thursday, but it was a training run so I think in a race environment I can do better. My goal is to run relaxed and work to push more in terms of not taking as many walking breaks vs. running faster. There are 2 water stops so I plan to stop just for water - or skip if I am feeling up to it. We will see.

Weather report looks pretty good. Cloudy skies but no rain, with temps in the low 70s at race time.

Speaking of race weather, the extended forecast for Washington, DC for next Sunday calls for mostly sunny skies - low temperature of 48 degrees with a high of 69 degrees. I am going to be in heaven!!!


Susan said...

You are going to do very, very well in the UCF race! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Mike the PCRobot said...

Go Chris go! Have fun out there!