Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just 2 more days....

Taper madness and pre-race jitters are in full swing. I have been checking for the 10 day forecast all week and am thrilled that the weather for race day will be absolutely perfect. After training all summer (and even this past week) in heat and humidity, the race day weather should feel like a dream.

I have even been watching YouTube videos from last year's MCM to see what areas of the course looked like. I tried to imagine running by those points in the race and up the last hill to the finish.

I panicked yesterday as I felt a bit of a scratch in my throat. "No! I cannot be getting sick now. I just kicked an illness last week." I stopped at the store on the way home and got lots of Airborne, Zinc lozenges and even used the peroxide in the ear trick. This morning I felt great so I did my 3 mile run. Still feeling a bit scratchy here and there, I will continue the preventative approach and get lots of rest over the next couple of days. I will be washing my hands a lot and watching out while traveling so as not to catch one of those really nasty bugs.

I stuck to my running plan and ran 5 miles on Tuesday and 3 miles this morning. Both runs were approached as easy runs and my times were well under 11 min/mi for both. The city has been repaving my street this week, so I have been carefully watching where I run to avoid any rocks or other things that might trip me up.

I reviewed my old marathon check list and have developed my packing list, which I am about to go pack up. I hope I don't forget anything...

I am nervous but really excited. And I feel SOOOO ready for this race. I will have a computer with me but will also try using Jott to update twitter with the weekend events. One thing I am a bit nervous about is that I am on my own for this race - no support crew on the course, no family to help me limp back to the hotel room. That said, I do know that there are lots of friends both cheering me on and virtually with me on the race course. That thought will keep me encouraged along the way. I will bring the iRiver when I feel the need to talk to you.

In case I am in a crunch and need some help, I do have friends in the area I can call in in a pinch. So I am not so totally alone.

Thanks for training with me, encouraging me and for being with me on Sunday!!!

Semper Fi!


Road Warrior said...

You're ready for this. I know you're gonna rock this run. Good luck!

jamie said...

You got this thing Chris! Sending you best wishes for a fantastic race, and looking forward to your race report!

ShirleyPerly said...

You will have a wonderful race. Climb that final hill strong, remember all those who have paid the ultimate price and are making sacrifices now so we can go about our lives doing what we enjoy. Cherish that special moment when a U.S. Marine will put a medal around your neck and congratulations YOU on a job well done!

Susan said...

I smell a PR! A HUGE one!

You are so so so prepared for this race. I foresee zero troubles out there. And I think picturing yourself along points of the course is a GREAT idea!!! :) I am already doing that for Memphis, thanks to my recent drive around the course.

You are going to ROCK!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. You go, Marine Girl!!!

lizzie lee said...

Chris, I just landed in Seattle from DC. The marathon aroma is awesome over there. As you know I ran part of the MCM route last Saturday for my 20-miler. The weather is perfect. You are right, after the heat and humidity you have trained with, you will feel awesome. I wish I could have stayed in DC for the MCM to cheer you.... But you bet we will be virtually thinking of you... I wish you THE BEST. Enjoy those hours and post your experiences as soon as you can.

lizzie lee

Marathon Maritza said...

Good luck Chris and have a blast!

You've put in a lot of hard work so I wish you nothing but the best!

Maddy said...

I cannot wait for the awesome race report from the awesome race you will complete!

You are indeed ready for a smooth race! I see no troubles for you on Sunday.

I'm signed up for text AND email alerts so I will be with you virtually on Sunday!

Go Chris!

Petraruns said...

I'm back on e-mail and the internet after a few days off - and I'm going straight through to sign up for updates. Honey - I'm thinking of you - just imagine me roaring your name out as you go past because I am doing that behind my desk. GO CHRIS! MARATHON GIRL! ROCKSTAR!