Tuesday, October 30, 2007

26.2 Things I learned (and relearned) as I ran my 2nd Marathon

1. I forgot how hard those last few miles were, beginning around mile 20 (it is different during the race than during the long run). As I prepared for my second race, I thought that during the first race it was the heat or that it was my first race. As it turns out, they ALL are hard around that time!

2. I can push myself more than I thought.

3. Traveling to a race by yourself has its advantages – I really met a lot of interesting people vs spending my time talking to someone I know.

4. Racing without an iPod is totally cool. I had so much good interaction with others on the course. During MCM, I never missed it.

5. I wasn’t as nervous the night before the race as with the first one.

6. I felt much more ready. I didn’t have that first time feeling of “I might not finish”.

7. Sport beans aren’t so bad afterall.

8. There is ALWAYS a long line for the portapotty.

9. Up hill is hard.

10. Downhill is easy.

11. Runners are the coolest people on the planet.

12. Hearing someone call you out by name is so great! I missed not having my name on my shirt this year.

13. Pace bands are a great item. Next time I will mark on the pace band when I plan to take my Clif Shots – I lose track of when I take mine (did I just take one or do I need to now?)

14. 8 hour Tylenol is your friend during the race.

15. Advil is your friend after the race.

16. Blogging friends are AWESOME!

17. Pace groups are a great way to keep moving.

18. Garbage bags can be amazingly warm on a chilly morning.

19. The feeling at the end when finishing is just as intense, and just as much a sense of accomplishment as the first time. As with the first race, I was so emotionally moved at the end, I was crying / (practically sobbing) in the finishers chute.

20. Free massages are worth the wait.

21. Jott and Twitter are a fun way to provide real time updates – I just wish I knew how to keep my comments to 140 characters.

22. Having a US Marine present you with your medal is, well, indescribable.

23. Entry fee $100, Hotel $350, Cool marathon jacket $85, Crossing the finish line of another marathon – priceless.

24. Fuel belt saves the day once again.

25. Online tracking is very cool.

26. I am 41 minutes and 1 second faster.

26.2 Bravo Zulu!


Susan said...

I love this list! Good job.

ShirleyPerly said...

Awesome list! Now you've got two states done :-)

PLANET3RRY said...

Very accurate list.

You can see now why your first marathon should be just about finishing. There's so many things about the marathon that you can't describe or that don't translate well when talking about it, they are something you have to experience. Sounds like you are a much wiser runner now and your next race might not be a 41 minute PR it's going to be an even smarter race for you.

Great work!

Maddy said...

What a great list!

You knew what to expect this time and you still had some surprises.


Nicole said...

I love your list! I'm definitely keeping it in mind for my second marathon in a few weeks

And great PR!!!

Rural Runner E said...

Congrats on the new PR. You are never too young or old to perform at your best. I loved your 26 things you learned at your latest marathon. Thanks for the props you gave our military.

shadwell said...

Awesome list! You'll need to explain to this newbie what pacing band is.

On another note, the father of a dear friend of mine was behind the creation of that marathon. He worked for the Nixon Administration and was ambassador to Holland and was Secretary of the Navy in the 1970s, when I think, he created the marathon.

Mike the PCRobot said...

Fantasic list Chris!