Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When in doubt, go for a run!

Thanks everyone for all the good advice. With the sore throat I was doing the salt water rinses...the ONLY thing that would help the pain. I am past the sore throat phase and now in the sinus pressure, stuffy phase. A little nose spray clears things up enough to sleep.

So, I still have the head cold. Fortunately, it hasn't settled in the chest. My legs were aching late today so I figured that maybe a run would help get the blood flowing and get the legs worked out. Maybe, I thought, those good running endorphins can chase some of those aches away. So, I did what any crazy somewhat sick runner would do. I got on my running gear and ran an easy 5K (35:14). The heart got a good workout because of the 84 degree temperature (Florida summer is a coming) but I took it easy - using my heart rate monitor to guide my walking breaks. Overall the run was in the aerobic zone (average 161 bpm).

After the run, my legs still ached, but I felt ok. Hopefully I am on the tail end of this cold.

Of course, my 7 year old now has a sore throat...

Here is hoping some of this warm weather makes its way up north to some of you folks in the colder climes!


Maddy said...

I'm glad you were up to getting out there!

It's almost over and then you will be back to yourself!

Susan said...

Sounds good! I think you're on the mend. I, on the other hand, have been a lazy slug this week with too many scheduling conflicts. Aargh!

IrishBlue said...

Bummer, you area all sick. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Thanks for the good luck wishes on my run!

PLANET3RRY said...

A good run fixes everything!