Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A short running break....

(begin whine) After making it through my marathon training season without any illness, one finally caught up with me this week. Not bad - just a head cold. But annoying...

I felt fine during my long run on Saturday. I ran 7.9 miles at an aerobic pace. I was a little congested but not more than normal when there is extra pollen in the air.

Later that evening while visiting with family, my throat started to hurt.

The next day the throat hurt alot (yes, I am a baby). I took Sunday off to visit with family. I figured I would run Monday.

Monday - throat still a bit sore and no time to get out for a run - another day off.

Tuesday - another day off - sore throat gone but pressure in sinuses. The cold is taking aim at my chest so this is a critical time - whether I will be over it in a few days or another week. Today was another busy work day...AND I left my running stuff at work!

Sigh...maybe tomorrow. I can't stand not running. It has been raining for about 3 days now...this is NOT my Florida. I can't stand lack of sunshine. (whine off)

In the meanwhile, my daughter's heel has been sore since the Winter Park Road Race. We have been giving it a break so we can do the Corporate 5K next week. I am the captain for our corporate 5K team (in case I didn't have enough to do!). We have around 75 runners signed up. It is going to be lots of fun!

Working on Episode 3. I am not sure what the title will be, but I have downloaded some great music to use for the next few episodes.

Run well all!!


Susan said...

Get yourself well, corporate leader! I think sometimes us "doers" are forced to get sick just so we'll slow down a bit! And gosh it makes me mad!

Looking forward to episode #3!

Maddy said...

That cold is floating around. It caused my weekend running plans to change a little bit.

Maybe I will see you at the Corporate 5k.

MarathonChris said...

Would love to see you at the Corp 5K Maddy. SAIC will have a 10x20 tent so come find me :-) I will have a camera this time!

petra duguid said...

Hey Chris - slow down and you'll be well soon enough.. And then you'll be back again, stronger than ever. Promise.

PLANET3RRY said...

when your throat is sore: warm salt water, gargle, rinse repeat.

Lots of orange juice, too...

buy more running gear... one for work, one for home, one for car.

remember, if the hold sinks below the neck, get to a doctor!

Hope you feel better... being illness/injured stinks!

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm so glad it's finally warmed back up again today! Hope you're feeling better. I wasn't sick but the past couple cold rainy days definitely affected me as well.