Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corporate 5K and Meeting Maddy (again)!

What a super night!! The race results have already been posted and Maddy's team and my team took first place in our respective divisions!!

The weather was perfect for the event. Perhaps a tad warm but not humid and with a breeze. The race start seemed to go much more smoothly this year, but even though I was within reasonable distance of the starting line, it still took me 2 and a half minutes to get to get there.

My daughter (who was celebrating her 12th birthday) and I ran the 5K together. She had some tough moments but she hung in there. Then in the last stretch, totally outran me to the finish. Our time last year was around 47 min. Our goal was to do 45 min or better. Our final clock (not net) time was 43:50 min :-).

Maddy had an awesome finish time as well, but I will let her report her race on her blog. It was great seeing her again - and this time I got a picture.

My job as captain and team coordinator went well. 75 people registered and at least 60+ arrived and participated. Everyone had a great time eating, drinking and enjoying spending time together before and after the race. I am looking forward to recruiting a bigger team for next year. In my spare time of course!!!


Maddy said...

I hope your daugther had a nice birthday!

It was great to see you again!

You did a fantastic job coordinating for your team. I'm sure you had an awesome day!

Good Times and Good Memories!

And Congrats to your team!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats again for taking 1st place in your division and great job meeting your goal race time. I hope I can participate next year!

Susan said...

What a great day! I look forward to reading Maddy's version of it!

Cory said...

Great work!! Glad to hear the race went well and you met your goal. !st place, WOW!! Happy b-day to your daughter.

petra duguid said...

Great to read your and Maddy's reviews of the race and to see the photo. Well done to your daughter for doing the race and wish her a happy birthday. Your latest podcast is on my iPod and you'll be joining me on my run tomorrow..CAn't wait to hear it.