Monday, April 30, 2007

A Thousand Miles Behind Me.....

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I was reviewing my running log today. Since I started logging my runs last January, I have run 1010 miles. Of that, just over 800 miles were run last year. This year to date I have run just over 206 miles. In comparison, by this time last year I had run just 72 miles. I ran more miles in January this year (74) than I ran in the first four months of last year!

This week has been good so far. I did another 8 miler on Sunday. It went better than last week but I was still a little tired. I replaced my Cliff Shots with Cliff Bloks and tried eating one block each mile to spread it out. I think I like the shots better.

The 8 miler was done in 1:36:53, a 12:06 min/mile pace. Heart rate avg was 163, just above my aerobic zone. My goal is to keep my long runs in the aerobic zone - but it is difficult in the heat. And after working 65 hours last week - I think I was a bit tired.

Today was not a scheduled running day, but my daughter is feeling better so we got out for our first run since the Corp 5K. She struggled a bit toward the end but we finished 2.1 miles in 29:50. Her foot is feeling fine so we should be good for Saturday's 5K. We are not as trained up as we hoped, but that is the way it goes sometimes! We will continue to train through the summer and will target another 5K this fall with the goal to run nonstop for the entire race!

I am excited to see so many folks planning for marathon runs this year! It is nice to have this family of runners blogging to encourage each other as we train.

Run strong everyone!


Maddy said...

You worked 65 hours last week? And found time to run? Wow! I am so impressed! When the long weeks grab ahold, I want to run more than anything, and I am just too tired...

Way to Go!

It is nice indeed to have a great group to help keep the focus and give encouragement! Thanks for that!

Susan said...

Great results!

I, too, am also excited to feel so supported in my efforts this year.

mrjwhit~ said...

Those numbers are great! 1,000 miles is a huge accomplishment. Keep it up. I can't wait to see 1,000 in my rear view mirror.

IrishBlue said...

That's cool that you are doing the Marine Corp Marathon. I'm hoping to do that one myself one day, so you can fill me in.

Kyle said...

A thousand miles... Congratulations! I'm still a long way from that since I started keep track of my miles but that is fantastic! Keep running hard! It gives us that haven't made that achievement some inspiration.