Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm In!!!

I got this email tonight:

Dear Runner,

Thank you very much for registering with the Marine Corps Marathon. We processed your application. The end of June, please check the Marine Corps Marathon website for confirmation. Please check our website for the free virtual trainer.

Thank you
Marathon staff

I was concerned that if I waited to register online, I might not get in since in recent years this race has filled up so quickly. Fortunately, I had an early entry form from the Disney Marathon expo. I mailed it in this week.

So now it's week 26 of MCM training!

After wrapping up a long work week, I finally escaped the office today around 4 pm. I was pretty stressed so I did what anyone would naturally do, I went for a run! I was supposed to do 3 miles this morning but didn't make it out earlier. I really needed to run off some stress.

I dressed for my run, loaded up my iPod and took off. I knew it was warm but didn't realize just how warm until I got going. 3.2 miles and 36 minutes later I was pretty "done." It was a hazy 88 degrees with 45% humidity. As easy as I tried to run it, my average heart rate was anaerobic at 165 bpm with a max heart rate of 182. Still, I was quite satisfied with having worked off that stress!

So now it's the weekend...and tomorrow I have to go into work :-(

At least it's blue jeans and t-shirt!


Kevin said...

Chris!! The MCM!! I ran that in a previous life and can tell you it is an awesome run! I remember coming home SO impressed with the Marines I wanted my kids to be Marines! Now your podcast will need to be longer as you hit those 16,18 and 20 milers.

Adam said...

Way to go Chris! We look forward to hearing all about your training in your EXCELLENT podcast Running Adventures - one that's at the top of my favorites list. Keep that iRiver burning!


Maddy said...

You're In! That's awesome! I know you are looking forward to it!

I can't wait to read about your training and the BIG DAY!

Cory said...

Chris, that is excellent. i am a little jealous. I really want to run the MCM but cannot this year. I look forward to hearing all about your prep and training.

Susan said...

wowee! I can now say that I know someone running the MCM! 26 weeks of training - wow - I will be excited to read about every single training run. WAY COOL.

mrjwhit~ said...

Incredible. I heard St. Steven talk about MCM last year. He made me want to do it. However, this year won't work for me. But I'll be there '08.

ShirleyPerly said...

My favorite large race is MCM. The Marines do a fabulous job and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'll talk to you soon about training.

Kyle said...

Very awesome!!! I'll see you there!