Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hard work and good runs

It has been an exceptionally busy week at work with 12 hour days - all the more reason to keep up the running. Although I "bonked" on Sunday, Monday and today were great 4 mile runs. They were very similar in pace - today's run looked like this:

Mile 1: 10:51
Mile 2: 11:17
Mile 3: 11:49 (walking break)
Mile 4: 10:39

Final for 4.01 miles: 44:42 min with avg heart rate of 165 bpm.

The runs felt great, and although I feel a bit tired at the start, unlike Sunday, the tiredness fades and I go stronger on the final mile.

What is great is that I am back to running in the morning. I forgot how much I enjoy watching the sun come up. I am convinced that there is more energy in the morning!

Run strong everyone! :-)


IrishBlue said...

I love running in the morning too. It sets the tone for my entire day and makes me more productive. This morning I got absolutely poured on. It was still a good run though.

Don't work *too* hard Chris!

Maddy said...

Nice job with your runs. It does make such a big difference if you can get a run in. The stress at work is minimized when you have let it all go running

Kyle said...

Yea...I woke up this morning ready to run but by the end of the day when I had the chance, the motivation wasn't all there. Nevertheless, it's a great feeling when you start off just out of it and then end strong! I have no idea how your doing 12-hour days. I've been doing 9-hour the past 2 weeks and is too much for me :(

Susan said...

I agree! The morning are far, far better. Good to know that you agree!

Marathon Maritza said...

Just wanted to say hi! Found you through Jen (runningstories) through Kevin Bonks and though I'd give you a high five for doing your run after such a hectic week! Way to go!