Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Treadmill lessons

Ok, lesson learned today: When you have plantar fasciitis, and you need to run on a treadmill, don't use it at an incline!

In the past, when I have run on the treadmill - it seemed really easy (which it is, easier than running outside that is). Today, I didn't run until the late afternoon, and it was a bit warm, AND since my heel has been doing well I figured the treadmill would be easier on it. So, I decided to use the treadmill at work.

Ok, treadmills are BORING!!!

A recommendation I had heard about treadmill running was to set it to a 2-3% incline to give a bit more resistance like a normal run. So, I did that.

About a mile or so into my run, the tendon running under my foot (that would be my plantar fascia) ached like it was tired, then the ache got worse, until after about 1.5 miles I had to stop. Stretching didn't seem to work... but I figured out what it was, took out the incline, then had to take it a bit slow for while. I was able to get another 4 miles in - but at a slower pace because it would ache if I went faster.

So I got my 5+ miles in (I think 5.6 - I accidently reset the machine after I stopped to check my foot). Heel feels ok - tendon feels a little tight.

Tomorrow is elliptical day. I skipped it on Tuesday - working too many hours!

Friday - I am going to take it on the road instead! :-)


Shirley said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear that your PF hurt on the treadmill. Actually only a 1-2% incline is usually needed to simulate additional resistance due to wind but, by all means, if you have PF issues or anything else that is bothered by increasing the incline, leave it at 0%. You'll still get a good workout and at this point in your training, staying injury-free is critical.

Way to go on your recent 10K PR, BTW. You are doing great!!!

Susan said...

Way to go - you conquered the dreadmill! I can't believe ho wincredibly boring it can be. Ugh! I prefer the elliptical, but sometimes you gotta have the miles!