Thursday, November 23, 2006

5 miles for Thanksgiving!

Well, rather than push it, I decided on 5 miles (plus we have company and I didn't want to be gone for more than about an hour). So after sleeping in a bit, I got outside for an easy 5 miles. It was a bright sunny day, about 55 degrees.

Tomorrow morning I want to try to run again....but working tonight - so lets hope I finish up quickly and not too late!

I have talked my husband into an early Christmas present - a Garmin!!! At first I was looking at the 301's, since they are on sale - but I think that spending the extra $100 might be worth the upgrade to the newer Garmin Forerunner 305. If anyone has any thoughts on that I would love to hear it. I think I will be ordering through Amazon. I want to get it in time to do some of my marathon training with it (just a little over 6 weeks left).

So today as I ran, I thought about being thankful for (not in any particular order):

- that fact that I CAN run at all - many folks cannot
- for beautiful weather to enjoy
- for having the privilege to train for a marathon
- for finding great info and "meeting" great people in the running community online
- for a marvelous family
- for another day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Susan said...

Gobble gobble!

Adam said...

Hey Chris! One thought about the Garmin 301 vs. 305... if you ever want to move on the the Tri Sports if you go with the 305 you can also buy a "pace sensor" add-on (around $35) for your bike to measure your wheel rotation and cadance. Pretty cool. I say go for the best... you are worth it.

Gordon Scott said...

I was just reviewing my blog when I did the half marathon - Phedippidations - and realised that although I had thanked you on my blog for getting in touch I hadn;t done anything else. So thank you very much. Hope your own running is going well. Gordon

IrishBlue said...

Chris, way to hang in there with the running. You are doing so well. I'm inspired. Time for me to get back on the horse.

Take care!

Susan said...

You are exactly right about the Dump Runner's Club. You find the local dump and run to it!

Nigel, UK said...

6 weeks to go !!!

Hang on in there !! :)