Thursday, February 28, 2008

Run, Run, Run Beneath the Sun

After a slow start on Monday, this has turned out to be a pretty good training week. Yesterday I had a good interval workout on the treadmill, running 9 quarter mile "laps" at 8:57 min/mi pace with about half a lap inbetween - walking most then jogging slowly into the next interval. It was a great workout. I warmed down to round out the session at 4 miles, completed in 45 min.

Today I got together with a work friend (not the same one I ran with on Tuesday) who wants to get back into running. She was a great inspiration when I was preparing for my first marathon. She has completed at least 3 marathons herself. She is a run-walker much like me - so since she is just getting back out on the road, I let her set the run - walk intervals and we did 3.5 miles together in the cool, sunny 55 deg weather. It was very nice. I think we are going to make it a regular Thursday lunchtime thing! It is nice to have a regular running partner.

Tomorrow I need to make up the strength training I didn't do today. I will probably run a few warm up miles outside. I am taking advantage of the nicer weather while we have it!

Run strong everyone! :-)


Rural Runner E said...

I envy you....I wish I could find a running partner, if just for once a week runs. I live in a small town where few people run, so I am seen as somewhat of an odd ball. Enjoy your runs with your is truly a gift from you to them, and them to you. Keep on running and enjoying.

Susan said...

WOW! Sounds like things are sunny and great in Florida! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

55 degrees? Wow, we must have gotten another cold front while I've been gone. Enjoy it while you can!!

Petraruns said...

Wow - things are working out for you at the moment! Running partners are great actually - and one at work really helps!

lizzie lee said...

Nice to have 55 degrees. I have now a beautiful sunny day but 38, which I can't stand for a run outside.

Tomorrow a "hip" appointment. I hope is only a matter of wrong stretching. It's hurting since Feb 2.

take care...
keep running

Maddy said...

You have been on a roll lately!

You are going to PR for sure at the Winter Park Road Race. I can't wait to see you there!

Kim said...

Hi Chris,
I just downloaded Episode # 13 and really enjoyed it! Will go back and listen to the back issues now!

Keep up the good work!