Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I know that some of you are experiencing significant snow fall or cold at the moment. So it must be hard for you to imagine that I thought I was going to MELT during my run today. I knew it was warm and sunny, but once my friend and I got going, it was down right brutal! When I finished I checked the temperature... 86 deg F (with some humidity). Whoa!

We managed a mostly run and partly walk 4.25 miler in just over 50 minutes. It was better than a 12 min/mile pace, but by the time we were done, well it was good just to finish. I even resorted to marathon running tricks to keep going ("lets run to the corner before we take a walking break"). I do think that I do better running in the heat than I might do running in the snow like some of you do (brrrrr!).

I got in my strength training once again...so things with my training are looking up.

Thanks for the encouragement on my last post, btw, and for bearing with me during my whinefest!

OH....and on the podcast comments - I don't mean to be soliciting comments about how great a podcast Running Adventures is (I mean, I hope you like it but I am not trying to toot my horn here). I was really looking for audio and written comments on who you, the listeners, are and what YOUR running adventures are like. I should have been more clear. A sort of Extra Mile Podcast kind of thing :-)

Run strong everyone!


Susan said...

Way to get it done, melting lady.

I look forward to contributing to your show!

CewTwo said...

Congratulations, Chris... What a podcast and what devotion to keeping it going. Thanks!

ShirleyPerly said...

Days like this are great for swimming but not so much for running. Weird how much temperature variation we're getting this year!

Bev said...

The temps are crazy. The heat just sneaks up on you.

Petraruns said...

Lucky girl! That weather! And the podcast is fabulous so don't apologise. I'm going to try to fit something in for you..