Monday, February 25, 2008

10K Training Week 3 - Hanging in But Slow Start to Week 4

In week 3 of my 10K training plan I managed to get all the requisite running in along with both strength training sessions. Mondays seem tiring for me. I felt tired while running on the treadmill and during the weights. Maybe it's recovery from the weekend. In my previous training plans, Monday was my rest day after Sunday's long run. Maybe my body is expecting rest.

I had a nice 40 min tempo run on Wed morning with a brief stop to chat with one of the neighborhood runners. Otherwise, my shorter mid week runs have been without walking breaks! I did a couple of mid day runs at work. My Thursday workout ended up on Friday, but I got it done.

Once again on Saturday I did not cross train. I am not sure I will ever get to that part - so it appears 5 days of running is what I seem to manage - which has always been true of my training. 5 days seems to be my threshold. I had a nice 6 miler on Sunday, running about an 11 min/mile pace and finishing strong with my fastest mile. I walked about once per mile for 30 - 45 sec.

Now here is the kicker. Remember those numbers I started this all with. I started out weighing in at 129 lbs. At the beginning of week 2 and 3 I was 128.5 lbs (a little progress). But at this morning's weigh in I tipped the scale at 130.5 lbs. One step forward and two steps back (sigh)!! I guess I now need to work the diet thing too. My eating habits have been kind of erratic - lots of bad foods. I can't imagine how bad it would be if I didn't run at all!

Well off into week 4 I go. Today was run 3 and strength train but my schedule got away from me and I did neither. I will give it a go tomorrow with a 4.5 miler and strength training - it will make for a long lunch hour (actually 2) but I feel the strength training is important to get in. I hope the rain holds off past lunch - I can't bear to think of a 4.5 miler on the treadmill! I have gotten spoiled running outside.

I am tired...I'm headed to bed.


Maddy said...

You seem to be doing well with your training. With just a little more than a month to go you will totally rock the WPRR!

I wouldn't sweat the weight - there can be so many reasons for minor shifts - up and down...

I think you're doing great!

ShirleyPerly said...

I can easily fluctuate a couple in a month depending on the time of the month, hydration, stress, exercise & food. I wouldn't worry much at all about that gain unless there's a trend over a period of weeks in the same direction. Just keep plugging away!!

Susan said...

Well YAY - you did all of the run and strength training! That is HUGE in my book.

5 runs per week - yowsa. That is a lot. You go girl.

I agree with the others; don't sweat the weight. You are doing amazing things, so sho cares about the scale? (I should practice what I preach, by the way.)

Petraruns said...

I'm with everyone else here - that's just normal fluctuation. You're keeping a lot together here, and you're tired - don't be too hard on yourself. Be proud that you're sticking with it as well as you are!