Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 2 - 10K Training - Introducing Intervals

Well, I am still pretty much on plan, with some minor modifications.

Monday and Tuesday's runs were cut short because I had just a limited time to work out (I do these during my lunch hour). It seems to get a full run and full strength training session in with shower it takes me about 2 full hours. I try to block out the time, but sometimes meetings run long and other meetings get scheduled in.

So Monday's 3 mile run was just 1.5 miles on the treadmill with a full regimen of weights. I figured I would rather cut short the run than the weights, and ran just long enough to warm up for the weights. I felt tired on Monday - the weights seemed heavier than last week.

On Tuesday, I had to cut my 3.5 mile run short to 2.25 miles in order to make a rescheduled meeting. About 1 mile into the run it started to rain. Since it was a warm and slightly humid day, the rain actually felt great!

On Wednesday, I missed my training run. The day started with no motivation to even get out of bed and go to work. I had one thing I had to complete that day and figured I had a better shot at doing it from home, so I ended up working from home. About halfway through the day my motivation level picked up enough and I got the work done - but no run.

Thursday was the first day that went as planned. I was scheduled to run 4 miles so I set up my Podrunner to a 171 bpm mix and headed out. Instead of the usual out and back I did a different route, a sort of "around the block" run, which ended up being 4.3 miles. I ran it non-stop at a 10:41 min/mile pace. I felt great! Then hubby and I caught a comedy show for dinner.

Friday was scheduled to be a rest day but I wanted to try to make up my Wed run (as I did last week). However, it didn't work out. I was going to run after work but my boss invited me with a few others for a beer. And when the boss offers to buy you a beer...well, it is a good thing to go. So I traded my run for a beer. There is always Saturday....

Saturday is supposed to be a cross train day. I did my Wed training today instead. Today called for an 8x400 at 5K pace. I have never done interval training before. The only track that is readily available to me is the middle school track, which is too small (maybe .1 miles around). But I have my handy Garmin so I figured I would try to program in an interval training session. I set it up for .25 mile intervals with 2 minutes in between for walking breaks. I am terrible at knowing what pace I am keeping, so I figured I would run it comfortably hard using a 175 bpm podrunner mix.

I started with a 1 mile warmup run which I ran very easy at 11:15 pace. Then when I was ready I hit the lap key and off I went. I took a brisk pace, keeping my pace at 175 bpm with a good stride - something I thought felt like a 5K pace (though I did feel like I couldn't sustain that pace for 3.1 miles). At .25 miles it beeped at me and I began my walking break.

I should note that I decided to wear my contacts for the run vs my glasses...and I forgot that my 45 year old eyes can't see the small print on my Garmin very well when I do that.

As I started to walk I saw a pop up window say something about the lap button, so I hit the lap button and it started the next interval....yikes. Ok, I can run two intervals back to back since it is the first two. After the second interval, I figured out that if I just leave the watch alone, it goes right to the timed break, then beeps before my next interval.

After about 5 or 6 intervals I was feeling pretty winded. I was determined to keep the pace up during the interval and use the walking breaks to catch my breath.

When I got to what I thought was the last interval, I started to run again and after about a minute looked at the watch and saw it counting UP instead of showing the distance left to the end of my interval. It was then I realized that when it said 1 for the interval - it was telling me which one I was on, not how many I had left.

I walked for a bit, then did a slow warm down run home for about .8 miles.

Overall, I enjoyed the workout. When I downloaded the numbers it was surprising to see what I had done:

Lap / distance / time / avg pace

Lap 1 (warmup): 1.02 miles, 11:24 min
Lap 2: .25 miles, 2:11, 8:47 min/mi
Lap 3 (hit the lap button): 53 ft, 8 sec
Lap 4: .25 miles, 2:17, 9:10 min/mi
Lap 5: .13 miles, 2 min
Lap 6: .25 miles, 2:02 min, 8:08 min/mi
Lap 7: .12 miles
Lap 8: .25 miles, 2:04 min, 8:18 min/mi
Lap 9: .13 miles
Lap 10: .25 miles, 2:04 min, 8:18 min/mi
Lap 11: .12 miles
Lap 12: .25 miles, 2:02 min, 8:09 min/mi
Lap 13: .12 miles
Lap 14: .25 miles, 2:03 min, 8:15 min/mi
Lap 15: .12 miles
Lap 16: .25 miles, 2:07 min, 8:31 min/mi
Lap 17: .11 miles
Lap 18 (warm down): .81 miles, 9:14 min, 11:20 min/mi

Total: 4.69 miles, 51:41 minutes, 11 min/mi
AHR: 160 bpm
MHR: 180 bpm

I felt like I was a bit fast, but not that fast! That was not my 5K pace at all - my best 5K was at a pace of 9:38 min/mi. I guess I will need to adjust. Perhaps someday I will run a 5K at that pace :-)

Tomorrow's long run is supposed to be 6 miles. I am going to make it an easy run after today's hard workout.

In interesting training week, indeed!


Susan said...

Man oh man - what a week! :)

You were Miss Speedy out there at the track! WOW!

It seems that everyone is getting speedier. I'll be left in the dust. Ha ha ha!

Petraruns said...

Wow - you are very very speedy! Well done!

Amazing how you got it all in. It is such a balancing act, isn't it?

IrishBlue said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I'm trying to mix in cross training too, but it is hard. Sometimes if I cross train too hard, I feel tired for the run.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow is right! When starting speed work, you can run the pace you know you've run in a 5K before or go by HR, which may be a better way since weather can make a big difference. I'd say you did great!

Alisa said...

Great job on the track! I have incorporated Fartlek's into my marathon plan...I haven't ever done speedwork. Thanks for the email...great suggestions. Glad to know I'm not the only one trying to juggle work, running and a husband. =)

lizzie lee said...

Chris, I am interested in hearing about your plan. Maybe you have it in previous posts so I'll check them out. Pretty good your intervals at 8 some min/mile. Doesn't feel awesome?

I am pretty sure I will stick with Furman Institute plan, tell you more later.

I'll be THRILLED having the opportunity of running together in your visit on July. I'll take care of you, pick you up, we can run in one of my favorite places "Green Lake" or part of the Seattle Marathon route by Lake Washington. Always around water...

Now I have another goal: Run with Chris... I cannot slow you down!!!!!!! Thanks for that!!

lizzie lee