Thursday, August 23, 2007

Slow Week and Hamstring Woes

A quick update post. After doing 14 miles on Sunday, I took Mon off (my usual rest day) and then did 6 miles Tuesday. The hamstring felt sore afterwards (even though I don't feel like I pushed too hard), so I took Wednesday off and today (Thursday) I am going to cross train on the weights. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on the road.

My mileage last week and this week have been lower than I would like (less than 30 miles), given where I am in my training program. Still, I have some room in the schedule to build up to where I need to be. I am just over 9 weeks away from MCM. I am supposed to do a 20 mile run this weekend, but with the sore hammy, I am wondering if I should ease back in and maybe do another 13-15 miler and give it a go next weekend.

I feel like this is not a severe injury, and that if I don't push too hard I can overcome it fairly quickly. Meanwhile I am massaging it and doing gentle stretches.

Anyone with other advice on this topic feel free to weigh in.


Susan said...

I have no advice because I think you are doing exactly what you should be doing: taking it easy and being cautious. Bravo!

Adam said...

RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation. You are doing great. As Hal Higdon says "It's better to arrive to the starting block under trained than over trained."

In Ardua Tendit said...

I agree with Susan and Adam, particularly RICE. I wouldn't recommend taking any risks where hamstrings are concerned. Putting the 20 miler off for a few days, even a week, won't throw you off schedule off too much, considering you've still got 9 weeks to go. If you find it's still hurting during the run - slow down, and consider stopping. You don't want to make it worse.

ShirleyPerly said...

You're doing what I would do, focusing on getting that hamstring healthy again. I can give you the name of a good sports massage therapist in our area if you want. She's run marathons too, incl. MCM, and really knows her stuff.

PLANET3RRY said...

In 2001 I had a hamstring pull, enough to put a bruise the size of a bread plate on my back thigh. I tried to run on it before it healed and no luck... I had to do PT. I was healed and went on to a Marathon PR that fall.

If you have a sore and tired hammy, then I would reduce the mileage to 10 miles or 2 hours whichever came first.

In my opinion, no matter how far you run... 0 miles to 20 miles, you should the easy stretches you mentioned on your hamstring. Massaging works well too... make sure you are drinking extra water to flush the toxins out. I hear that beer and margaritas work well for some people, but you might just want to stick with water.

Also, I would add an "H" in Adam's suggestion... so you sound like a Georgian Belle saying rice. R-IH-CE. That "H" is heat. After 48 hours, you should be using heat to attract blood to the injured area, if you don't... it will take you forever to heal. I made this mistake by icing and icing and icing... which is great on a cake (haha) but you should ice/heat and never for very long for each, about 20 minutes.

Be careful with your Hammy on Hills and when accelerating, both of these maneuvers uses the hamstring and you will know almost immediately how healed you are.