Friday, August 24, 2007

Hamstring Saga Continues

Thanks for all the great advice on the hamstring. Yesterday instead of running I did weights and the elliptical. Good idea except I probably should have laid off the leg curls (ugh!). I did lower the weight and take it easy. After two sets I skipped the last set and any other leg exercises and stuck with upper body.

Last night and today I could still feel stiffness and some soreness (not really bad, just there) so I took today off and will also take tomorrow off.

Sunday will be a 5-10 mile long run, depending on how the leg feels. Per all the wonderful advice, I will go really easy and quit partway through if it doesn't feel right.

Since I have three 20+ mile runs in my plan, I will skip this one and work my mileage up for the next one. I am fortunate that I have plenty of time to adjust.

Thanks again for all the super advice!!!


Susan said...

Looks like the perfect schedule!

peter said...

I love my Aisic Foundations (overpronator) but Brooks Addictions are my reliable backups. Brooks took me through Columbus 2003 and Twin Cities 2004 (different models). I have one perpetually blackened toe, the long one, right foot. Every six months it grows out, then two weeks later it's black again no matter what. I've gone from size 12 to 13, no effect. It doesn't hurt though.